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How would a sun-less universe be?
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Find out about the interesting results of the Sun disappearing from the sky suddenly. Find out how our planet Earth would be affected and why.

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nice lectures sir .....thank u sir
please make a course on global warming and green building
Good Evening Mam, it is the best initiative to give daily dose of knowledge. Actually mam, it will be delighted if you make vedio on these two topics because I'm befuddled. 1) how the universe work ? 2) how we reside on earth ? ( In this I want to know that where we resides on surface or at some part and even though earth is sphere,so how it doesn't effect us and why we don't feel that earth is rotating ? )
Shashwat seth
2 years ago
1) this is probably something whichthe best of the scientists have not been able to answer. The closest is M theory proposed by late Stephen Hawking but even he has not been able to justify. If you look back to Vedas and ancient Hindu knowledge, everything boils down to energy but there are no specific scientific explanations for how an why of most of the things in universe 2) Darwin's theory of evolution about how life began answers this decently well. It will be difficult to explain here but as Mam mentioned in the video, due to the distance from the sun, the conditions are most suitable for a Carbon based life form like ours 3) Basic laws of physics and relativity, we are present on the surface of the earth due to gravity. Hence, we move with the same speed as that of the earth (as if 1 single body rotating around the axis and moving around the sun) and hence we are not able to feel the velocity and difference.
very nice video.. please make a video on colour blindness
Madam u said that storm are occurred if sun disappears but in previous video u said that storms are caused due to sun gravitational force can clarify me madam plsss
  1. This lovely terrestrial planet EARTH

  2. Pluto Neptune Uranus Appropriate positioning of Eartlh Saturn Jupiter Mars Earth Venus Mercury

  3. Pluto Neptune Uranus Saturn HABITABLEJypitea CONDITION Mars Earth Venus Mercury

  4. The atmosphere that surrounds the Earth keeps the earth warmer All thanks to the Greenhouse gases 2


  6. Without the Sun

  7. Without the Sun There will be no existence of humans of or other living beings

  8. 8.5 minutes 8.5 minutes

  9. 8.5 minutes 8.5 minutes It's only nine minutes later, that we'd find ourselves in complete darkness.

  10. Global Temperature Drop by a few o

  11. Water and wind would mix and form violent storms

  12. Most of the water vapor in our atmosphere would have condensed out in the form of ice and snow At least 2/3 of the earth would be covered in it.

  13. We would notice the moon disappear. We won't be able to see it from Earth

  14. The same is true for other planets as well

  15. Within a year Average global temperature could dip below 100 F

  16. Mars Venus Sun Mercury Pluto fex -planet 2006) We are here! Uranus Jupiter Neptune THE SUN'S IMMENSE MASS DRAWS ALL OTHER PLANETS TOWARDS IT Saturm