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A mark in the history of cinema.
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In this Bytes video find out about the event that marked the beginning of the history of cinema world-wide

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Maam, The year should have been 1891 instead of 1981...Also found some errors in other videos of daily dose. Please keep your facts right.
please make a video of ARTIFICIAL INTELLIGENCE covering all important point which can be asked in the ICT paper of UPSC ESE
hindi me leson dena chahia
Please make a vedio on Sher Ali afridi who killed Lord mayo
A video on operation bluestar and it' s aftereffects?


  3. THE MOVING PICTURE NEWS EARLY MOTION PICTURE EXHIBITION DEVICE' THE EDISON KINETOSCOPE show making you the great big you read about? How is it that the man in the next block can show the same pictures you do and take the crowds away need an isn t your motion from you? We'll tell you. It's all in the machine you EDISON KINETOSCOPE Edison wins the crowd because it clear, lickerless and are a real Edison Kinetoscope saves the extra money i that don't tire the eyes makes, because it runs the longest time with the to look at. There are no least upkeep expense. Get Posted. Sead for

  4. Peephole Viewer Window

  5. The Kinetoscope introduced the basic approach that would become the standard for all cinematic projection before the advent of video, by creating the illusion of movement by conveying a strip of perforated film, bearing sequential images over a light source with a high-speed shutter. Louis Le Prince

  6. CLASS B FILMS 12 Cents per foot Universal Model Kinetoscope CLASS A FILMS 15 Cents por foot hibition Model inetoscope 5.00 FILMS AND PROJECTING KINETOSCOPES THE RECOGNIZED STANDARDS THROUCHOUT THE WORLD EDISON RHEOSTAT UNDERWRITER'S MODEL The concept was also used by U.S. inventor Thomas Edison in 1889, and subsequently developed by his employee William Kennedy Laurie Dickson between 1889 and 1892 fClimaxwire, and any sinzle coil may e replaced t disterbing any ether coil by wimply looeening four wet screwsA heavy perforated sheet steet asing thoronghty pkects anil ventilates the eoi Terminsl and atjnstalde wich are mounted on a automatic closinK cover. Astestos covered copper wires conbect the varions eoils with swisch ontact. And all connotila. are ablertes. A con vraient handle ngalale lase n heet seel facilitate, hanetting, epecially.whenRhrostat .hot and tenplets insarig intetchangrability Att made with jigs The abose Rheostat is adapted for lt modets of dison Trojecting Kineto The above features comned with the test materials and workman hig nica scopes, and, for either 110-1 was direct current.. or 106-110 volt, alternating- currest, andto amperes without excessive beating sagerlor eesign and construction have preduced PERPECT KIEBOSTAT CAT. No K-15189 Rheostat, Underwriter's Model YESALES $25.00 Send for Latest Catalogs and llustrated Cireulars. OFFICE FOR UNITED KINGDOM t CLERKENWELI. ROAD, LONDON.C. ENGLAND

  7. A prototype for the Kinetoscope was shown to a convention of the National Federation of Women's Clubs on May 20, 1891

  8. May 9, 1893 first public demonstration of the Kinetoscop BKLYN INSTITUTE f ARTS ond SCIENCES

  9. The birth of American Movie culture

  10. Blacksmith Scene 1893