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A famous event of Indian freedom movement.
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Find out about one of the most famous effects of Indian freedom movement that contributed to the end of British rule in India

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Sir please suggest me one or two books of question set which ask in STI PSI exam or previous paper for marathi medium.
Durgesh Makwan
a year ago
Akshay Prithvi Publications books will help you as Questions set..✔
Thanks sir
mam ap complete indian history karwa do maaja a jaiye ga
mam ap complete indian history karwa do maaja a jaiye ga
please' hindi main bhi do
Please use hindi language also
Chitra malviya
a year ago
wnglish bhi improve hogi apki ap isko. sunoge to...
Arun Kumar
a year ago
Thanks for your suggestion But i cant understand the whole video.
hindi me bhi do to jyada clear hoga...
  1. Royal Indian Navy The Royal Indian Navy contributed in ending the British rule in the Indian Subcontinent

  2. UE .I.N. Ratings In Open Mutiny ON SITUATION ombay Barracks RIFLES WERE BROUGHT INTO ACTION 18th February, 1946 E. W MODELS STERDAY AS DIRECTED BY THE NA'l'" The mutiny involved 20,000 soldiers, 20 shore establishments and 78 ships of the navy

  3. Reasons for the mutiny Poor conditions of the Naval Staff Racist treatment to the sailors


  5. In Karachi, the sailors started the mutiny on board HMIS Hindustan, a ship belonging to the Royal Indian Navy.

  6. Later the mutiny spread to another ship named HMIS Bahadur.

  7. Clement Atlee During the mutiny, the ruling British government pressed the panic button

  8. The Royal Air Force bombers flew over the Bombay harbour to spread a message of fear and strength on third day of the strike.

  9. 53 Admiral Arthur Rullion Rattray

  10. The British forces secured Manora Island first, despite resistance from sailors. se Urooj Qureshir All Rights Reserved. Urooj Qureshi, All Rights Reserved

  11. While the mutiny did not last long, its effects were far from limited. Prompt steps were adopted to improve food-quality served to the ratings in the RIN post the mutiny