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Unacademy Bytes - Your Daily Dose of Knowledge - Part 2


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Unacademy Bytes

This course consists of historical events and interesting facts.


100 lessons • 7 h 8 m
Overview to this course

0m 17s

What is Depression?

3m 47s

The ICRC was formed today.

4m 23s

A famous event of Indian freedom movement.

3m 33s

Why are dogs our best companion?

5m 03s

Alcohol on brain!

3m 12s

A little about twins!

3m 28s

Mysterious temples of India!

4m 37s

What if you didn't drink water!

3m 31s

Oldest ancient civilizations!

5m 00s

The greatest batsman of all time passed away

3m 49s

Death of a fearless freedom fighter!

3m 26s

Why February has 28 days?

3m 51s

The first national park in the world was established today!

3m 12s

Income inequality in India!

4m 27s

Alexander Graham Bell Biography

2m 05s

Part 1 - What our country is famous for!

2m 43s

Part 2 - What our country is famous for!

3m 12s

What is OCD?

3m 52s

Is Dairy scary?

6m 04s

Incredible India!

4m 22s

What defines success for you?

3m 35s

A famous national figure got arrested today!

4m 32s

First Indian company on NASDAQ

2m 57s

What is Cancer?

4m 31s

Preventive measures for cancer

4m 23s

The Great Depression

4m 24s

A tribute to Stephen Hawking

3m 21s

A little about the Mughal Empire!

5m 15s

Deadliest earthquakes in the last one decade!

3m 20s

Dalai Lama escapes to India!

3m 33s

How tsunamis work - Alex Gendler

3m 37s

What is Schizophrenia?

3m 38s

What's your blood type and why?

4m 21s

How would a sun-less universe be?

3m 54s

Why can't we afford to lose the Rainforest?

5m 04s

Death of a revolutionary - Bhagat Singh

4m 17s

What is Alzheimer's?

3m 54s

Archaeological wonders of India

7m 39s

What is Color blindness?

3m 18s

Economic impact of British Colonial rule!

5m 53s

Could we live on Mars?

3m 58s

Unesco world Heritage sites - India (Part 1)

7m 09s

The bombing of Hiroshima and Nagasaki!

4m 56s

Unesco world Heritage sites - India (Part2)

7m 34s

History of Bridges!

4m 23s

Literacy in India

4m 29s

What is a 'Black Hole'?

4m 08s

The science behind flight

4m 19s

What our country is famous for - Part 3

3m 14s

History of dates - BC, AD, BCE & CE

3m 36s

How E-commerce is changing the world!

5m 17s

The origin of English Language

4m 09s

The Milk Revolution in India

4m 54s

Death of the 4th prime minister of India

5m 58s

Nuclear powers of the world

2m 38s

Indian Railways - One amongst the largest employers

3m 57s

Five greatest Indian empires of all time

9m 21s

Birth of the father of Indian Constitution

4m 03s

Who Invented the Meter?

7m 21s

The history behind logos

5m 33s


4m 55s

The first woman to fly to space

2m 57s

History of the Commonwealth Games

5m 56s

What if the Earth stopped spinning?

4m 39s

India's bullet train project

7m 13s

Architectural marvels of the world

6m 36s

Death of a genius

3m 40s

The Bermuda Triangle Mystery

4m 54s

The Water Cycle - how it works?

3m 56s

Indian Agriculture System

5m 39s

The Financial Crisis of 2008

5m 00s

First artificial satellite to space

5m 22s

Plastic Pollution

5m 13s

The death of an important personality

2m 59s

What if you never slept?

3m 49s

Why does hair turn grey?

3m 05s

What are the effects of overpopulation?

4m 19s

How does WIFI work in airplanes?

3m 59s

Food waste - World's biggest problem!

5m 10s

A lawyer, an activist, and a freedom fighter was born

2m 47s

What Is Fire?

4m 12s

Why did early men paint caves?

4m 27s

Biggest inventions of all times

7m 48s

The First War of Independence

3m 14s

A famous day in Indian history

3m 46s

Another shocking earthquake!

2m 52s

The first Rajya Sabha!

3m 39s

A historic day for the U.S.

3m 04s

What is Sleepwalking

3m 49s

What Humans Will Look Like In 1,000 Years

2m 52s

How would it be to live on the moon?

3m 53s

What is Cloud Computing?

4m 28s

What is Cryptocurrency?

4m 58s

A mark in the history of cinema.

2m 37s

The tragic death of our former Prime Minister

3m 46s

How Digital Wallets work?

3m 19s

History of currencies

4m 13s

How do antibiotics work?

4m 08s



143 reviews

Tania Alam

reviewed on Feb 16, 2018

Great course! Very helpful! Keep adding more lessons to this course.


reviewed on Feb 26, 2018

very usefull to improve basic knowledge for daily life... also for the general awareness..... whats gud nd what not for human being also.. thnk u soo mucvh

Mohan Singh Bali

reviewed on Feb 16, 2018

Most Gratitude Mam For this awsome courese about interesting facts etc. I really Appreciate these courses from the core of my heart Mam. Keep it up :)

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