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The first Rajya Sabha!
This time, the special mention to Rukmini Devi Arundale. Thank you Unacademy for the special mention of her name. She was a quite Individual challenging the orthodox society in almost every stage of her it learning a temple dance (due to overdosed gestures by then Devadasis)...marrying a Christian man in those days (ofcourse not lasted for long).. Travelling across countries / over seas...even she publicized the temple dance (upon modifications) as Bharatanatyam.. Prevention of Animal Cruelty act at times of hunting as a hobby for many "nobles"...Kalakshetra (my favourite place in Chennai) institution for dance (an organised way of carrying the legacy to future generations).... these things and all she did way back in time where these women empowerment programs never existed. she was way ahead of her time. Thank you once again Unacademy for mentioning her. :-)