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Birth of the father of Indian Constitution
thanks . Columbia University recognised him as first scholar of the world . He is a man who changed millions of life. He is the creator of Modern India because All modern institutions are created on his idea .For example:- Reserve Bank Of India ,Finance Commission,Electricity Grid system ...etc He is the first man in the world who emphasised on Universal Adult Sufferage. He is the man who fought to uplift the lower castes people(Dalits,Adivasis ) without expecting anything in return . He is the first man who resigned as a minister because rights of OBC's and women's were not fulfilled by the Congress . His idea of anihilating caste is more broader than Karl Marx,Lenin ,Mao .because Karl Marx and Lenin don't have answer to caste . Unfortunately he was born in India .If he would have been born in Europe or America,they would have been consider him as the greatest man of the world . The more we read him ,the more we know him . Happy 127 Ambedkar anniversary to all of you
Vikash keshav
a year ago
But name never had "Ramji" in it