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Why Religion And Culture Must Not Become Nation-Building Forces (In Hindi)
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In this lesson, we talk about why religion should never become a basis for nation building.

Lavanya Kapoor
Pursuing B.El.Ed from DU. Happy reader! Occasional gyaani :)

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please don't READ the information off of somewhere. try to really educate the people. EXPLAIN. Say it! don't read. Sounds uninteresting
In the end you concluded the factors for nation building, which includes shared political identity as one factor. As you said earlier it has two major flaws - Various sect and cultural diversity. Thus, is it justified to include it. Shared History is more promising as I think.
can sect form nationalism
Lavanya Kapoor
a year ago
When there is a strong affiliation to one sect, you call it sectarianism

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  3. INTRA-RELIGIOUS SECTS Every religion has various groups within itself Quite often, these sects are quite radically opposite to each other So, even if we were to make nations on religious basis, how would we manage the intra-religious differences?

  4. SLAM Sunnis- Sunnis believe that Abu Bakr was the rightly appointed Caliph after Prophet Mohammad Shias- Shias believe that Imam Ali (A.S.) was chosen by the Prophet himself to be the leader after him

  5. CHR ST AN TY Catholics- Believe in the Pope as a vicar for Christ Protestants-Do not believe that any human being is equal to Jesus

  6. JA N SM Shwetamber- Believe in clothing Digamber- Do not believe in clothing

  7. HINDUISM Belief in multiple Gods

  8. So, making culture a basis for nation- building is not a good idea at all Culture, too, cannot be the BASIS for nation uilding

  9. CULTURE AS A NATION-BUILDING FORCE If India was to become nation state on the There are a number of basis of culture, would marriage rituals in India we see so many kinds of marriage rituals around Marriage rituals are a part of culture us?

  10. FACTORS FOR NATION BUILDING Territory Shared Political Ideals Shared Political dentity

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