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50 lessons • 9h 8m

Overview (In Hindi)

2m 52s

Political Theory-An Introduction (In Hindi)

10m 58s

What Is Politics? (In Hindi)

10m 07s

What Do We Study In Political Theory- Part 1 (In Hindi)

13m 01s

What Do We Study In Political Theory - Part 2 (In Hindi)

11m 09s

How Do Political Theorists Work? (In Hindi)

6m 45s

The Purpose Of Political Theory (In Hindi)

8m 17s

Freedom- Some worthwhile stories (In Hindi)

10m 15s

What Is Freedom? (In Hindi)

7m 18s

J.S. Mill On Liberty (In Hindi)

14m 50s

Constraints around us (In Hindi)

13m 10s

Freedom Of Expression (In Hindi)

14m 50s

Equality (In Hindi)

9m 57s

What Is Equality? (In Hindi)

13m 59s

Three Dimensions Of Equality (In Hindi)

14m 07s

Feminism And Patriarchy (In Hindi)

13m 46s

Marxism And Liberalism (In Hindi)

10m 37s

Affirmative action (In Hindi)

14m 52s

Social Justice- Historical Debates (In Hindi)

10m 18s

Three Principles Of Justice (In Hindi)

11m 48s

John Rawl's Theory Of Justice (In Hindi)

11m 20s

Pursuing Social Justice (In Hindi)

8m 58s

Free Markets And State Intervention (In Hindi)

13m 30s

Rights- What are they?

8m 07s

Where Do Rights Come From? (In Hindi)

11m 08s

The Role Of State In Rights (In Hindi)

9m 50s

Kinds Of Rights (In Hindi)

8m 00s

Rights And Responsibilities

9m 14s

Citizenship (In Hindi)

12m 38s

Racial Discrimination In South Africa (In Hindi)

10m 28s

Full And Equal Membership Of A Country (In Hindi)

13m 45s

Equal Rights As Citizens (In Hindi)

13m 51s

Citizen And Nation- What Is A Nation State? (In Hindi)

12m 43s

France As A Nation State (In Hindi)

10m 42s

On What Basis Do Countries Allot Citizenship? (In Hindi)

13m 00s

Universal Citizenship (In Hindi)

6m 41s

Illegal Migrants (In Hindi)

13m 51s

Global Citizenship (In Hindi)

10m 22s

Nationalism (In Hindi)

8m 35s

Nations And Nationalism (In Hindi)

9m 03s

Nation-Building Forces(In Hindi)

13m 53s

Why Religion And Culture Must Not Become Nation-Building Forces (In Hindi)

6m 06s

National Self Determination (In Hindi)

10m 09s

Nationalism And Pluralism (In Hindi)

12m 16s

Tagore's Critique Of Nationalism (In Hindi)

11m 22s

Demand For National Self Determination In Basque (In Hindi)

7m 22s

Secularism- What Is Religion? (In Hindi)

8m 59s

Secular State (In Hindi)

9m 57s

Criricism Of Indian Secularism (In Hindi)

14m 46s

Different Models Of Secularism.(In Hindi)

14m 42s

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