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Nationalism (In Hindi)
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In this lesson, we talk about what the common ideas of nationalism are, and what nationalism actually means

Lavanya Kapoor
Pursuing B.El.Ed from DU. Happy reader! Occasional gyaani :)

Unacademy user
"national hain toh zinda rahiye, anti national hain toh marr jayiye kahi p" epic one
Rahtrawad ki bhavna keval dil se hi jagti hain. Hamare desh me sahi mayne me logo ke under Rashrtawad ki bhanva Bal Gangadhar Tilak ne jagayi thi unhone hi logo ki Rshrtawad ki vyakhya samzayi thi aur Logo ko Angrejo ki Khilaf ladne ne ke liye prawrutta kiya tha. Lekin aaj Rahtrawad ka matalb galat tarike se failaya jar aha hain jisse log ugrarashtrawadi (jingoist) ban rahe hain . Ugra Rashtrawad hi logi ke bhitar hinsa ka bhav jaga raha hain aur usse lynching jaisi ghatna gaht rahi hain jo ki durbhagyapurna hain. Rahtrawad ek saumya shabda hain . Jis din se ham hamare talabo ko nadiyo ko saf rakhege , Paryawaran ki hani bardash nahi karege cities clean aur green rahegi us din ham sahi mayne me rashtreawadi kahelayege.
Lavanya Kapoor
a year ago
Ugr Rashtravaad nahi, Rashtravaad chahiye! sahi kaha :)
sabse jyada nationalism india vs pakistan ke cricket match me dikhta hai
  1. Nationalism

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  3. What the common person thinks about nationalism The word Nationalism is quite famous nowadays Many people are quick to label people as NATIONALS or ANTI-NATIONALS However, most of us have a similar understanding of nationalism

  4. What we think nationalism means Putting up National Saying all good things about our Flay as ou splaytanding up during Watching patriotic films picture on Independence day the National Anthem in theatres country

  5. SC says no need to stand when National Anthem plays in theatres to prove patriotism: The controversial case so far

  6. Many of these people end up working for famous multi-national companies, not giving a thought about who is actually benefitting from their skills and labour Is this what we call nationalism?

  7. This is an absolutely messed up idea of nationalis When we cannot define happiness and love, we certainly cannot define nationalism Idea, because Nationalis m cannot have one definition It is a feeling, just like happiness nd love

  8. The conflicting role of Nationalism Nationalism is a feeling which has evoked DEEP LOVE as well as DEEP HATE for our own country

  9. It has UNITED people in some cases, and DIVIDED them in the other Partition is a textbook example of such extreme nationalism The Muslim community did not feel a shared sense of Nationalism in India, and it led to the breaking up of a whole new country

  10. Nationalism, when used in the right way, has helped people to get rid of dictators and monarchs Eg. General Jaruzelski was ousted from Poland under the collective nationalist movement of Lech Walesa

  11. That is why, when you go out of India and meet an Indian, you immediately feel a connection and a common sense of belongingness So, nationalism has a constructive role to play We have seen that Nationalism is a BINDING FORCE, which unites people together

  12. India: Engineer latest victim of mob lynchings fueled by WhatsApp rumors At least 25 people have been killed since May in incidents of mob violence triggered by rumors circulated on WhatsApp. The authorities do not know who is behind the hoax messages

  13. Why do we need to form a nation? Why are people so passionate about their nations? How is a nation related to a state? Can a nation be formed without having a state?

  14. Such relevant and logical questions are the need of the hour, and not mindless slaughtering of people

  15. Thank You!