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What Do We Study In Political Theory - Part 2 (In Hindi)
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In this lesson, we continue talking about why it is important to study about political theory. Political theory makes a huge difference in the kind of person we are. So, we must understand its relevance

Lavanya Kapoor
Pursuing B.El.Ed from DU. Happy reader! Occasional gyaani :)

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Thank you so much Sir! :) Completed all the lessons in 2 days. Please upload more DI sets. They were really helpful.
dear mam I watch all the course of yours good explanation well done 👍😉 keep it up
mam please provide me notes of the political theory of our video I am student of art stream and I need your notes .😊😊😊
There are many courses on polity in this platform but you have designed this course in unique way. Thank yous so much for providing quality knowledge.:-)
Lavanya Kapoor
a year ago
I appreciate your encouragement, Nishant :)
Mam bt I must say ur voice is magical so is ur concepts
  1. What do we study in Political theory?

  2. ABOUT ME &Lavanya Kapoor Pursuing Bachelors of Elementary Education from LSR, Delhi University Love to talk to people and know more about them IN PERSON *Have a passion for teaching &Currently quite averse to social media Follow me on Unacademy

  3. Interpreting existing concepts Thousands of people have researched about the eminent political philosophers over the years So, the research never stops We get NEWER INTERPRETAIONS of what the Philosophers had said during their time This is also a part of political philosophy

  4. einterpretations of our fundamental rights Even our fundamental rights are being re-interpreted continously The provision of judicial review is there because we need to evolve as a society For instance, we now have RIGHT TO PRIVACY under Right to life Right to a livelihood was also included in the Right to life

  5. Expanding the horizon of poltical concepts As the years pass by, we see that NEW CHALLENGES AND THREATS emerge in front of us For instance, we would never have thought that PRIVACY would be a concern for us. However, it is now a part of our constitution So, we cannot take any value for granted Each and every value that we enjoy has been deeply debated and discussed thousands of times

  6. To answer the dilemmas arising in a society Continuing the example of privacy, we now know that data can also be stolen It can be used by terrorists to plan terrorist activities So, should the Government be allowed to read our private chats in order to monitor terrorist activities? Questions like these keep the political debates around us alive and thriving

  7. Political theory in everyday ife Many of us might think that the concept of poltical theory does not have much relevance in everday life However, even in the most mundane situations, political theory plays a huge role for all of us Consider a few situations

  8. You are standing in a queue for a ticket. Someone comes in front of the line and joins it. You immediately feel that it is UNFAIR and INJUST. You might even start objecting and ask the person to go to the back However, if the person who has joined is VISUALLY IMPAIRED, you might give her/him the opportunity to get the ticket efore anyone else?

  9. If the Government increases the taxes to be paid by doctors, but not the taxes to be paid by teachers, the doctors may revolt saying its unfair However, the same doctors might not say anything if the Government announces FREE FOODGRAINS for people below the poverty line

  10. How do we know when to change our behaviour according to the conditions?

  11. We know about what is right and what is not, because our political thinkers have researched and introduced these concepts to us So, political theory is an extremely enriching subject, which creates impacts on generations to come