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Secular State (In Hindi)
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In this lesson, we talk about what it means to be a secular state.

Lavanya Kapoor
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are you really serious? I totally disagree with your views about the mughals. in our history books mughals are portrayed as secular. leftist distorted the full history of India and made anti Hindu history

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  3. We talked about the various discriminatory practices which are undertaken in the name of religion What can be some of the ways in which these practices can be curbed?

  4. Education Education is the only way in which one can deal with religious extremism from the point where it starts Even as you watch this video, you are being educated about religion, its pros and its cons Including texts which are RELIGIOUSLY NEUTRAL and RESPECTFUL TOWARDS RELIGONS can make a huge difference in the country's situation

  5. India's new government is poised to rewrite the history taught to the nation's schoolchildren after a panel of eminent historians recommended scrapping textbooks written by scholars hand-picked by the previous Hindu nationalist administration Hundreds of thousands of textbooks are likely to be scrapped by the National Council of Educational Research and Training, the central government body that sets the national curriculum for students up to 18.

  6. We saw that it is the government who would be reshaping the curriculum Infact, the government has the biggest role to play when it comes to religion So, the role of the government cannot be eliminated from religion

  7. The power of the state Like education, other instruments of religious dominance are also under the State's control In modern times, the State has tremendous power We saw that France banned the Burqa, Such power is unlikely to be held by any other institution, but the state which is a strong symbol of the Islam religion

  8. Secular State If a State takes a stand not to have a RELIGIOUS outlook, it comes under the category of a secular state This is a very broad definition of secularism However, it is so because even secularism can be interpreted in different ways by the state The Indian model of secularism is, for instance, very different from the American model of secularism So, the narrower forms of secularism would be discussed later orn

  9. Basically, there are various wayS in which a state can take a secular stand

  10. Characteristics of a secular state The head of a state should not be officially affiliated to any religiorn S/he might have personal choices, but it should not reflect in the decisions made by the head

  11. Saud s Arabia

  12. Quite obviously theocratic states are quite OPPRESSIVE HIERARCHIAL AND RELUCTANT

  13. Imran Khan's economic challenge: Rescue, resuscitate, reform Pakistan

  14. Characteristics of a secular state Absolute rejection of being a theocratic state State should not have any formal and legal alliance with a religion The aims and aspirations of the state must be derived from NON-RELIGIOUS SOURCES

  15. However, the models of secularism differ from country to country We will be studying these models in the upcoming lessons

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