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National Self Determination (In Hindi)
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In this lesson, we talk about how a Nation determines its identity.

Lavanya Kapoor
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thank u so much aaapne last me Jo questions pe hamara focus kiya....
  1. National Self Determination

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  3. Every nation works for one common goal- being a SOVEREIGN political identity No nation wants to be ruled by another nation This is why we have seen, and continue to see, so many struggles for liberation

  4. U.S. to Restore Sanctions on Iran, Deepening Divide With Europe

  5. This sovereignty gives the right of NATIONALhave the full authority to on the basis of CULTURE SELF-DETERMINATION A country and its peoplewants to determine itsel So what if a country decide for themselves to a nation AND ETHNICITY?

  6. In such a nation, one culture will be PROTECTED more than the others This means that it will be PRIVILEDGED over others This wouldThis happened give rise to one culture- one nation theory in the 19th century Europe

  7. Treaty of versailles It was a treaty which formally led to the end of the 1st World War in 1919 Germany was blamed for much of the damage caused in the World War It was also stripped of a lot of its land as a punishment As a result, many new states were formed on the basis of CULTURE However, these were not able to sustain itself Millions of people died because of communal violence


  9. How humanity suffers When culture becomes the basis of nation-building, the patience and tolerance towards other cultures declines This is how the concept of MAJORITY and MINORITY emerged In reality, no community should be the MAJORITY or MINORITY Every community should co-exist with each other

  10. . The demand for a separate TALIBAN in Afghanistan has led to hundreds of people being killed Taliban Kill More Than 200 Afghan Defenders on 4 Fronts: 'a Catastrophe'

  11. Can there be anything positive in this? When a culture is united, it becomes an extremely strong force against foreign oppressors India has fought against the British using her strong sense of CULTURE and INDIGENOUS IDENTITY However, as soon as the British left, we could not deal with our internal communal matters, and thus Partition happened

  12. So what is the solution? The only solution is that we believe in the idea of PLURALISM We must not keep creating new states one after the other Instead, we must work towards a common goal for ourselves as a NATION