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Citizenship (In Hindi)
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In this lesson, we talk about the basic relevance of citizenship. We also talk about why it is so important to be a citizen of a country, and what happens if we aren't.

Lavanya Kapoor
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regarding NRC of assam people outside north east need some more deep study. though its look like sympathetic towards illegal immigrants but there is politics behind there immigration. and it's not about those who stayed here for 50 years. it's for the continuous process lead by the politicians to gain votes. which is a thr eat to indigenous communities of the land. hope my point of view is not illogical.
  1. Citizenship

  2. What does being a citizen mean? In plain and simple terms, being a citizen of INDIA means being an Indian When you introduce yourself as an Indian proudly or not), you are introducing yourself as a citizen of India

  3. Implications of being a citizen-of a country When you are saying that you are a citizen of a country, it means that you BELONG to that country The country has given you FULL AND EQUAL MEMBERSHIP So, the country protects your RIGHTS, no matter if you are in the country or not

  4. That is why we have embassies of various If the citizens of some other country face any ssue in India, they can go ies in our country to the embassy of their country and seek help

  5. EMBASSY OF Embassy of ITALY 8 The United States of America

  6. Isn't it obvious that we will be-the citizens of the country we live in? No Look at the recent issue of NATIONAL REGISTER OF CITIZENS in Assam People who were living in India from 50-60 years have been declared ILLEGAL MIGRANTS hey do not have the status of really claim any rights No country will give them shelter citizens, and that is why they cannot and a citizenship right

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  8. f you are not a citizen of a country, you will thinlk before stepping out of your house Or rather, you might not even have your own house!

  9. State's obligation to its citizens The state promises certain rights to its citizens

  10. Political rights Civil rights Socio-economic rights Equality of status and rights

  11. Definitely not There is a lot of disparity of rights among the citizens To gain equality and freedom, many groups across the world have been fighting for their rights

  12. Colonial takeover in the 19th century . Quite a large part of Africa and Asia was colonized by the British in the 10th century . With the passage of time, various countries claimed their sovereignty . India was a very important part of this struggle

  13. The French Revolution The beginning of the citizenship demands was made by the French revolution The common people wanted to abolish the FEUDAL SYSTEM They wanted this so that they could claim the status of equal citizens in the country

  14. . So, the relevance of citizenship is extremely vital!

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