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What Do We Study In Political Theory- Part 1 (In Hindi)
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In this lesson, we talk about various political philosophers around the world, who talked about various political ideas. We also talk about why it is important to study Political theory even today

Lavanya Kapoor
Pursuing B.El.Ed from DU. Happy reader! Occasional gyaani :)

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  1. What do we study in political theory?

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  3. The historical political debates Documents like the constitution have emerged after ages of debates and discussions assembly Chanakya (who existed in the 4th century! . These debates were not just the ones in the constituent . These went of from centuries, almost from the time of

  4. Famous entitites who engaged in political debates A lot of philosophers from around the world have engaged in political debates All the societies have taken some parts of their philosophy and applied it to themselves

  5. Aristotle . He was a GREEK philosopher in 328 BC . He discussed with his teacher PLATO, whether democracy or monarchy was the best form of government

  6. Rousseau . He was from GENEVA, in the 18th century He argued for freedom as human be right ings' fundamental I1

  7. Karl Marx . He was a German philosopher in the 19th century . He argued that both, EQUALITY AND FREEDOM were equally important

  8. Mahatma Gandhi . He gave the concept of SWARAJ or 'genuine freedom' in his book 'Hind Swarai

  9. B.R. Ambedkar . He emphasized the importance of minority classes in a country

  10. So what does political theory include? . Political theory includes various IDEAS AND . By a country, we mean the CONSTITUTION, PRINCIPLES, which shape up a country GOVERNMENT, LAW, SOCIETY, and every other organized structure in a country Since politics is inevitable, so is political theory

  11. The process of forming political theory Political theory is based on the arguments an debates of the eminent political theorists and philosophers By studying their debates, we get an idea of the kinds of political theories around the world From a pool of political theories, we can choose whichever suits us the best, as a nation As political theorists, we also reflect on the current political situation of the country and predict what effect will the theory have in future (as our constitution makers did)

  12. For instance, a country might be doing well on providing freedom to its citizens. However, this freedom might not be given to every citizen. So, the concept of equality is still not being followed So, the study of political theory never gets old, because no society is perfect