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Racial Discrimination In South Africa (In Hindi)
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In this lesson, we talk about Racial Discrimination in South Africa. We also talk about the impacts the colonial rule has had on India in terms of racial discrimination

Lavanya Kapoor
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  1. The story of Black Africans in South Africa

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  4. South Africa has had 2 major populations White' Europeans and Black people' From the 17th century (160o's), the 'white' people started dominating the Black people on various grounds

  5. This was a clear case of racial discrimination This was against the very concept of democracy However, at that time, South Africa was not an established democracy

  6. The condition of South Africa was very much like the condition of India under the British rule The Colonial rulers were of the belief that the Black' Africans were not worthy of having any rights, and were not equal citizens

  7. "I contend that we are the first race in the world, and that the more of the world we inhabit the better it is for the human race. -Cecil Rhodes writing to his friend W.T. Stead.

  8. Rights available to 'Whites' There were a bunch of rights which were available only to the 'Whites'

  9. Right to vote Right to contest elections Right to own property Move freely across the country

  10. Discrimination against the 'Blacks' They had to live in Even the schools for children were separate SEGGREGATED colonies If they had any work in the white colonies, they had to take the permission of the 'Whites' If they were doing any work in the 'White colonies', they had to take passes from the whites

  11. This whole phenomenon of discrimination against the 'Blacks' re-emerged in the 1900o's It lasted till the 20th century It was called the Apartheid regime Though racial discrimination is illegal in South Africa now, we cannot say that 'Black Africans do not face any discrimination anymore

  12. Impact on India This phenomenon of Racial discrimination' has been transferred to us Indians through the colonial regime We seem to think of the fair colour' as the better colour However, this is absolute nonsense Every person in this world has a unique complexion, and should be appreciated by others

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