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The Role Of State In Rights (In Hindi)
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In this lesson, we talk about how the role of the state is crucial when we talk about rights

Lavanya Kapoor
Pursuing B.El.Ed from DU. Happy reader! Occasional gyaani :)

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mam.... your are awesome!!!!!!!... after listening to your lectures... when I read ncert... it becomes so easy to understand and corelate whatever you had explained. A very big thank you mam!!!!!!.. your lessons helps me a lot in retaining all what is taught. Again.. thanks a lot. ❤
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  1. The Role Of State In Rights

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  3. The role is crucial! As of today, rights have no relevance if they are not backed by the state's support We can keep thinking that we have a certain right However, till the State approves of the right, we cannot claim it So, LEGAL RECOGNITION of rights is absolutely essential

  4. Bill of Rights These are the rights Each and every country has a BILL OFwhic In India, the supremeSo, FUNDAMENTAL by the supreme law law of the land is theRICHTS are the rights by the constitution h are SECURED which are guaranteed RIGHTS of the land

  5. What is there is no legal backing for rights? As a result, if the State takes away the property of a person for developmental purposes, the person cannot fight for her/his rights with the backing of the law A few rights have been removed from our fundamental rights It is very difficult for the person to get back the land Right to Property is one of them

  6. It is included in the definition! The importance of state recognition has been understood by many of the political thinkers As a result, many of them have included 'state's approval' in the definition of rights So, we can have definitions like claims which are recognized by the state

  7. What does it mean when we claim a right? When we are asking for a right, what do we actually mean? We want the state to work and give us those rights We actually want the STATE to take action for us

  8. If a couple is getting divorced and the man wants alimony money from the woman, he has to have certain backing by the law So, he might ask the court to give him his right so that he can sustain himself In this case, he is not the one who is actually giving himself the right It is the law which is giving him this right

  9. Similarly, when Right to Education was made a fundamental right in 2010, the responsibility of providing this right was on the state, and not on the people State had to build schools, colleges and other such facilities

  10. How state's interpretation affects our rights Let's say we have called upon right to freely choose our partner as a fundamental right For instance, th government might decide that the family's approval will remain an essential component of the freedom to choose our partner The Government has the power to interpret our demand, and pass the legislation according to our needs

  11. Recently, there was a debate regarding whether to LEGALIZE trade of BITCOIN or not The Government as well as the RBI initially refused to approve this demand of the citizens his is because they interpreted that trading bitcoins can be risky for the citizens of the country, and hence cannot be approved as rights However, the demand is again being scrutinized and it might become legal to trade in bitcoins!

  12. Rights as a restraint on state actions Rights not only ALLOW the state to do certain things, but it also STOPS the state from doing certain things For instance, the authorities cannot raid our houses in the name of SECURITY, until they have a valid reason for doing so The rights restrain the authority of the state a great deal