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John Rawl's Theory Of Justice (In Hindi)
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In this lesson, we talk about the very famous theory of justice by John Rawls, and how he talked about the Veil of Ignorance

Lavanya Kapoor
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  1. John Rawl's theory of justice

  2. ABOUT ME &Lavanya Kapoor Pursuing Bachelors of Elementary Education from LSR, Delhi University Love to talk to people and know more about them IN PERSON *Have a passion for teaching &Currently quite averse to social media Follow me on Unacademy

  3. Distribution of resources One of the very important aspects of justice is DISTRIBUTION OF RESOURCES It could be among countries, states, individuals and so on If resources are not distributed properly, there is a huge chance of injustice happening in the society

  4. What are the resources which are distributes? Money Land Food Education

  5. How do we distribute the resources For the distribution of resources in a just manner, we might need to RETHINK ABOUT DISTRIBUTION every now and then For instance, the Public Distribution System in India aims at distributing food at subsidized rates to those who are not economically well of The principle here is that no one should die of starvation

  6. Delhi starvation deaths: Failed ventures fuelled spiral of poverty, alcohol Those who knew the family said the children had a difficult upbringing, with both parents struggling to look after them as the mother was mentally unstable and the father, missing since the morning of the incident, reportedly an alcoholic who was rarely ever at home.

  7. o how do we decide how to distribute resources? This is a very debatable topic, as policymakers sometimes tend to be BIASED in distribution of resources So, an American philosopher named JOHN RAWLS has given a theory of justice, which is quite efficient

  8. John Rawls

  9. He was an American philosopher He was a student of Harvard university His book 'A Theory of Justice' is considered the rebirth of political philosophy and justice

  10. John Rawls' theory of justice Imagine you were asked to make the policies of the Government todav You could make any policy you like, and no one would stop you How would you like to distribute the resources of the country?

  11. The veil of ignorance However, when you are making policies for the entire country, you cannot be selfish The fate of a huge number of people depends on you and your wisdom So, Rawls suggests that decisions regarding the society must be taken wearing a 'veil of ignorance'

  12. Example, if we were to decide about the funding of the political parties wearing the veil of ignorance, we might bring it under the ambit of RTI This is because if we are citizens, we do not want political parties to misuse our money which we paid as tax, into their advertisements

  13. So, John Rawls' concept is really well thought of It cannot have absolute implementation in any way However, we carn take certain lessons from it and try to improve ourselves as decision makers This is in interest of justice