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Global Citizenship (In Hindi)
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In this lesson, we talk about Global citizenship, why it is necessary and how US has reduced its impact as a Global power

Lavanya Kapoor
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  1. Global Citizenship

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  3. Shared emotions Similarly, when Nepal faced a massive earthquake in 2015, India was quick to send relief and help to the country We often see that Eg. When Osama Bin whenever something good Laden was killed inanearthquake in 3oi5. India Laden was killed in 2011, or bad happens across the world, it has a ripple effect on our country the whole world celebrated

  4. The announcement of Brexit in 2017 created massive impacts on the Indian Stock market

  5. How Brexit will hit India's companies, stock markets and foreign trade If Brexit actually happens, stocks markets in UK and the US would take a hit and it will have a snowball effect in India. That's because foreign investors would try to hedge their losses by sell-offs in emerging markets, including India.

  6. We see that RESOURCES and FEELINGS are shared across the countries They are not limited to only the country in which an incident takes place The entire world is connected in this sense

  7. We all are global citizens! Since a country is not limited to being just an isolated piece of landmass, all the citizens of a country are connected to the world at all times We impact, and are impacted by, the Global happenings Hence, we all are global citizens

  8. Why have we become Global citizens? Due to the geographical constraints, every country can produce only a certain amount of goods by itself No country is self sufficient

  9. OPEC (Organization of the Petroleum Exporting Countries) countries are self- sufficient in producing oil. However, they are not self- sufficient in producing iron, and other such essential materials

  10. Iraq Kuwait Iran Libya Qatar Algeria Venezuela Saudi Arabia Emirates United Arab Nigeria Ecuador Angola OPEC COUNTRIES

  11. Since all the countries are dependant on each other, we need to have good relationships with one another Good relationshi inyolves justment, This is why th term GLOBAI CITIZEN becomes very importan developing ympathies for each others' citizens and a sense of shared concern for one another

  12. Have we become good global citizens? Though there is a lingering sense of competition, the overall environment says We do have a sense of Also, we rejoice when concern whenever something pleasant happens in other countrie something bad happens in other countries global citizens

  13. Such ill- thought-of actions reduce the impact of US as a world leader If such behaviour continues, the US might end up not being / a world leader after all

  14. So, it is extremely important that all countries adhere to the spirit of beinga country of Global citizens

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