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Constraints around us (In Hindi)
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In this lesson, we talk about the various constraints that exist in the society. We also distinguish which of them are justified and which are unjustified

Lavanya Kapoor
Pursuing B.El.Ed from DU. Happy reader! Occasional gyaani :)

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Aman chaudhary
8 months ago
Welcome mam mam agar apko course achaa laga hai to plz review aur share jarror kre
I think, agar koi bhi ho agar wo 18 sal ka nahi hain to use gadi chalane nahi dena chahiye kyoki jab ham gadi chalate hain to hamara ye naitik kartavya ban jata hain ki hame raste par cahlne wali vyakti ko bachakar gadi chalna hain aur 18 se pahle vyakti me wo paripakwata nahi aa pati isliye parents ne bilkul bhi baccho ko gadi allow nahi karna chaiye. Lekin unfortunately , parents apne baccho ko kafi advance dekhna chahte hain aur unh gadi allow karte hain.
Lavanya Kapoor
a year ago
Haan We must understand as citizens that we are responsible for the road accidents that happen around us If everyone is considerate enough, why would we need to see any accidents?
very nice explanation............thanks.....................................
Ek acche lesson ke sath sath aap apni achhi ideology bhi rakh rahi ho isse lessons aur bhi meaningul ban jata hain. thank you.
Lavanya Kapoor
a year ago
Kisi aur ke freedom ko bardash karna ya nahi karna ye puri tarah us vyakti ke sad vivek buddi par nirbhar karti hain yadi koi vyakti sahi tarike se apne vivek buddhi ka istemal karta hain to wo dusre ke freedom pe kabhi aach nahi aane dega.
Lavanya Kapoor
a year ago
Isilie patience aur tolerance jitni badhe utna accha hai :)
  1. Constraints around us

  2. We talk about freedom only because there are certain constraints around us If there would have been no constraints, the question of freedom would not have arisen But why are there so many constraints? And why are we trying to get rid of them?

  3. The 2 kinds of restraints in a society Sometimes, it We have a lot of gt feet ve We have a lot of restraints around us burdensome that we have to give exams every other week Or that there is minumum 75% attendance requirement in schools Or that our parents do not allow us to drive our car only because we are not 18 years old, though we might know how to drive a car

  4. We understand that some of these restrictions are JUSTIFIED and some are UNJUSTIFIED These are the 2 distinctions between restriction We try to get rid of unjustified restrictions However, if we get rid of justified restrictions as well, the society will COLLAPSE

  5. The sources of constraints in a society It is very important to identify where the restrictions are coming from There are many institutions above us who can enforce restrictions on us

  6. The Government-by imposing laws and policies which the public does not agree with Our family- Many a times, our families also stop us from doing a lot of things. Though most of the time they are for our welfare, sometimes even families are wrong For example, if a family tries to marry off their daughter before she is 18 years old, they are snatching away her freedom to lead a life of dignity

  7. What is the impact of constraints? They limit the freedom of the individual. This is especially problematic in a country which guarantees Right to freedom These constraints have manifold impacts

  8. On a larger scale, Unjustified constraints end up impacting the society on a whole Netaji Subhas Chandra Bose perfectly sums up what are the constraints we do not want in our society When people in a society do not have freedom, evils such as the caste system and the income disparity start cropping up

  9. ....freedom implies not only emancipation from political bondage but also equal distribution of wealth, abolition of caste barriers and social iniquities and destruction of communalism and religious intolerance." - Netaji Subhash Chandra Bose

  10. The importance of constraints Various differences exist between people These could be on the basis of ambitions, preferences, ideas, resources, or anything else If we do not accept these differences, we will see the society go into chaos So, for the differences to thrive, we might have to RESTRAIN ourselves from doing a lot of things This might appear to be the absence of freedom, but in reality, it is not so

  11. Absolute freedom or violence? If we provide absolute freedom to everyone, people will engage in violence If a car driver is speeding up the car and accidently hits someone, s/he might fight and argue that s/he has the freedom to drive as fast as s/he wants to. This is how road rage cases take place Similarly, we also see that people are not ready to settle long standing land disputes. Traditional owners who have not renewed the lease of their land refuse to let go of their land in the name of freedom

  12. Accepting differences In a country of 1.4 billion people, differences are inevitable If we acknowledge the differences of people and accept them the way they are the chances of violence reduce a lot The recent Padmavat issue is a glaring example of what happens if people don't accept differences

  13. However, when they saw the movie at last, they realized that there had been no distortion of the facts in the movie In fact, the Director of the movie had GLORIFIED Rajputi culture and presented them in a really commendable manner

  14. This shows that if they had been more RESPECTFUL AND ACCEPTING of the Bollywood cineman, the damage which was done could have been avoided

  15. Thank You!