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Criricism Of Indian Secularism (In Hindi)
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In this lesson, we talk about the de-merits and criticisms of the Indian model of secularism.

Lavanya Kapoor
Pursuing B.El.Ed from DU. Happy reader! Occasional gyaani :)

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ma'am bhed aur prakar me kya antar..jaise tatpurush ke prakar batae...phir bhed??
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a year ago
bhed aur prakar same he hote hai example in english synonyms and same meaning ek he hota hai
I have completed ur all this course... thank you mam for your efforts
sorry di lakin zarori nahi hai ki brahmins mein aise feelings ho especially in urban localities...... that hurts
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Lavanya Kapoor
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Thank you Sumit! I'm really motivated by your comments :)
  1. Criticism of Indian Secularism

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  3. There are a lot of criticisms which come way when it comes to Indian secularism

  4. 1. Anti-religious Many people say that Indian secularism is ANTI-RELIGIOUS They make this argument saying that secularism threatens religious identity They also say that Indian state has stripped them the right to freely practice and profess their religion

  5. Clarification This is not a valid argument, as Indian State does not undermine religious beliefs It just makes sure that no injustice takes place in the name of religion Indian secularism protects the religious identity of ALL PEOPLE It has tried to combat the Brahminical culture which existed in the colonial and pre-colonial times Mostly, these people are the same who we call 'religious extremists'

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  7. 2. Western Import Many people say that Indian secularism is linked to Christianity They call it 'western' and 'unfit' for India Many a times, these people are the same people who say that Indian constitution has been copied from the west

  8. Clarification Western states themselves did not take the ideals from The Holy Bible The French Revolution ideals - Liberty, Equality and Fraternity - are not explicitly stated in The Holy Bible Also, Indian model is not a replica of the western model It has modified its secularism to suit the Indian circumstances, so that the State and Religion do not remain mutually exclusive

  9. Indian model Of secularism Western model Of secularism State Religion State Religion

  10. 3. Minoritism Many people say that Indian secularism practices REVERSIE DISCRIMINATION This means that it supports the minorities, and oppresses the majority In their argument, minority rights are privileges which are enjoyed at the cost of the majority

  11. As a result of this belief, many The recent Maratha and Jat agitations for reservation are majority communities have started demanding reservations really mind boggling in that sense

  12. Clarification So, the reservation for minorities must be kept prities have been So, giving reservation of religious minoriti However, it is true that religious minorities was people nowadays are i check. Wherever it is historically oppressed in Indlia important when the misusing these special felt that they are being provisions need arose misused, they should be revoked

  13. 70,000 Muslim women protest against Triple Talaq Bill in Malegaon

  14. 5. Vote Bank Politics People say that secularism has become a tool for vote bank politics in India Politicians use religion to induce fear and terror in the country When the masses get uncontrollable in the name of religion, the politicians use their anger to get votes

  15. Clarification As a democracy, it is not wrong for politicians to ask for votes One has to see whether the politician is referring to religion for the betterment of the nation, or just for her/his personal gains However, it is not acceptable when they incite violence in the name of religion

  16. Also, the interest of one group should not be at the expense of the other group That is why in India, our constitution has specified that reservation would not increase 49.9% of the total population, at any cost Justice has to be the final principle that has to be upheld

  17. 6. Impossible Project Lastly, people say that Indian secularism is like a dream, which is too good to be true They say that with so many religions co- existing, violence will definitely erupt

  18. Clarification This claim cannot be entirely refuted While Indian model of secularism is quite appreciable, its implementation is not very good In fact, we see a large number of religious riots in India every now and then However, we must keep working towards this ideal, as it is the most futuristic model of secularism