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Political Theory-An Introduction (In Hindi)
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In this lesson, we talk about how important it is to study political theory. We also understand what are the objectives of political theory and how it helps us become better citizens of the country

Lavanya Kapoor
Pursuing B.El.Ed from DU. Happy reader! Occasional gyaani :)

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very nice quote mam..!!
mam can u plz complete the whole course( ie . chapter no 9&10)
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  2. ABOUT ME &Lavanya Kapoor Pursuing Bachelors of Elementary Education from LSR, Delhi University Love to talk to people and know more about them IN PERSON *Have a passion for teaching &Currently quite averse to social media Follow me on Unacademy

  3. THE UNIQUENESS OF HUMANS o Human beings are social animals o We have certain basic qualities which distinguish us from other animals

  4. We can think about our own actions and reflect why we did something we did We have the ability to use language to communicate with our fellow human beings We can reason out things with ourselves and the others

  5. THE ROOTS OF POLITICAL THEORY Political theory came into being because of this uniqueness of the human nature Human beings started observing fellow human beings They documented their behavior, and saw what they liked and disliked On the basis of this, certain values emerged, which form the basis of Political theory

  6. WHAT DOES POLITICAL THEORY DO FOR US? Do we have any advantageCertainly we do, as we get of reading and studying about to know about how society political theory functions Human beings cannot live without a society So, it is very important that we know how the society works

  7. QUESTIONS ANSWERED BY POLITICAL THEORY ow should society be organized? Why do we need a government? hich is the best form of government? Does law limit our freedom? What does the state owe its citizens? What do we owe each other as citizens?

  8. THE PRIMARY AIM OF POLITICAL THEOR Political theory students have an edge over others in understanding how the world works We get a 360- degree understanding of how our society is working We are also able to analyze how the political events are unfolding around us, and what they mean We get trained to think rationally

  9. FUNCTIONS OF POLITICAL THEORY It explains to us the meaning of various concepts like liberty, freedom, equality rights, etc. When we read a lot of political theory, we can even CHALLENGE the existing definitions of these concepts and come up with new ones It helps us examine how well are these concepts being applied in our surroundings

  10. Immerse yourself in the study of Politics and you shall einerge as a better person!