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Marxism And Liberalism (In Hindi)
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In this lesson, we talk about the ideologies of Karl Marx, as well as liberalism as an ideology.

Lavanya Kapoor
Pursuing B.El.Ed from DU. Happy reader! Occasional gyaani :)

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Voice bhut sweet hai madam ji thodi
mam it means a person has his own BMW car but according to marxism i can take his car without permission and go away.😁😁😁
voting right is just provided to business man, where??
than why not in should be also held twice a year....same problm can be with upsc aspirants
please define more about Marxism

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  3. KARL MARX He was a German sociologist in the nineteenth century He has studied the society and all its aspects, and given various theories about how it works His revolutionary work is the 'Communist manifesto'

  4. The e argued In this way, no ne would be rich or poor theories All the that SHOULD ANY and PEOPLEpr opertya pinions o Karl MarxNOT OWN are called MARXISMPR should be state- owned PROPERTY

  5. WHAT IS INCLUDED IN PROPERTY? House Land Oil Forests Vehicles

  6. WHY THE OPPOSITION TO PRIVATE OWNERSHIP? Marx said that the concept of private ownership itself is against equality When people own resources, some will own more and some will own less As a result, inequality will prosper and income gap will keep widening

  7. Once income gap widens, the catego of RICH AND POOR will emerge The rich will consequently start influencing public policies in their favour

  8. Eg. If an oil-producing company wants to increase profits, it might remove people from areas from where they can extract oil This will be unequal treatment for those who live in that area

  9. Marx believed that once economic inequality begins, all other kinds of inequalities come up So, we must not allow private ownership of property and resources And hence all the resources should be OWNED BY PUBLIC

  10. CONDITIONS FOR i HE COMPETITION Competition does not mean that everything and everyone will be treated equally We have to see that people who are coming from disadvantaged background are being given the help they need, to survive in the competition

  11. Liberalism approves the concept of competitive exams to colleges and jobs However, such exams must be fair to everyone

  12. Marxism and liberalism are important SCHOOLS OF THOUGHT when it comes to political theory and the study of equality

  13. Thank You!