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J.S. Mill On Liberty (In Hindi)
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In this lesson, we talk about the very famous J.S. Mill, and his idea is liberty

Lavanya Kapoor
Pursuing B.El.Ed from DU. Happy reader! Occasional gyaani :)

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no info on syllabus in official notification.
Rishikant Bairwa
2 years ago
basic need of uniform in schools is to identify child to which school he/she goes???? seriously?
in my opinion, us promotes liberty and freedom but in India, if all children are allowed to wear whatever they want to then this will create discrimination and also most section of the society can't afford so many clothes.
what is the basic difference between liberty and freedom??
As far as dress code concern it is must because in India we can easily find a huge economic equality and rich students can afford many clothes while on the other hand poor students cannot afford a dress and naurally, it creates feeling of discrimination among students, therefore dress code should applicable in India.
Lavanya Kapoor
a year ago
That was the point I wanted you to arrive at :)
Gradually, the Saudi Arabian male dominant society is becoming liberal towards women. they have recently begun to issue driving licence to the women. Mohammad bin Kasim tries to reduce parochial thinking of their society which is the welcome move.

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  3. WHO WAS J.S MILL? o John Stuart Mill was a British philosopher o He was born in 1865 o He wrote a very famous book called 'On Liberty'

  4. HIS CONCEPT OF FREEDOM According to him, there are 2 types of actions: v Self-regarding actions Other regarding actions

  5. SELF-REGARDING ACTIONS These are the actions which only have impact on ourselves For instance- what we eat, what we wear, where we decide to live, who we decide to marry, etc. Mill said that other people have no business in self- regarding actions, since such actions do not harm anyone else

  6. Stop eating beef, give cow status of Rashtra Mata'; say some RSS and BJP leaders to end mob lynching

  7. OTHER REGARDING ACTIONS These are the actions which impact the others living around or with us Since such actions can harm other people, external authorities have the right to interfere in these matters That is why smoking is banned in public places Also, if someone shouts slogans that threaten the unity of the country, such actions will also be considered other-regarding

  8. THE DICEY SITUATION Sometimes, it is difficult to distinguish if an action is self-regarding or other-regarding For instance, if a person is playing loud music in her house and her neighbours are getting disturbed, should she be jailed? Definitely not The punishment for undesirable other- regarding actions should be carefully thought

  9. In this case, the person should just be given warnings and maybe some behavioural changes by which she can gauge that she's causing discomfort to others However, registering a police complaint in this case would be too extreme

  10. Loudspeakers Allowed Under Noise Pollution Rules: Delhi Police To Court

  11. JUST A THOUGHT In India, However, in the Compare the schooling system of India to that of the US given a standard uniform which they all have to children ared US, children are allowed to wear Which system do you think, promotes liberty and freedom? whatever they want to wear

  12. DRESS CODE o We'll try to understand the idea of liberty by v When Mao was the leader of China, people had taking the example of dress code to wear MAO SUITS to show that they support the leader Sania Mirza was slammed by religious groups because of the way she dressed while playing a tennis match Every player in the cricket team has to wear the same dress

  13. However, in the case of uniforms, this does not apply Uniforms have a different purpose altogether They aim to identify children that they belong to a particular school Similarly, a common dress for cricket players helps them during the match. It also represents national unity So, these 2 cases do not violate the Right to freedom

  14. NEGATIVE AND POSITIVE LIBERTY o Like freedom, there are two aspects of liberty as well

  15. o Eg. Eating food, drinking water, sleeping, having a partner of my choice, eating what I want, thinking what I want to, writing what I want to, drawing what I want to, etc.

  16. POSITIVE LIBERTY This is concerned about improving the relationship between the individual and the society So, the society must trace a positive path so that the individual can also grow A person cannot develop till the society is continuously evolving

  17. A person should not be a victim of abuse, violence poverty, discrimination, and so on The individual must get enough opportunities to grow and develop in the society S/he should get the chance to participate in decision making The individual is like a flower that blossoms when the soil is fertile, and the sun is gentle, and the water is adequate, and the care is regular'

  18. However, sometimes undemocratic rulers might try to justify their actions using arguments of Positive liberty, that they are trying to develop the society as a whole, etc. Positive and negative liberty go hand in hand One supports the other