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What Is Equality? (In Hindi)
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In this lesson, we go deeper into what is equality, and how is unequal treatment also a way of promoting equality

Lavanya Kapoor
Pursuing B.El.Ed from DU. Happy reader! Occasional gyaani :)

Unacademy user
E = q (E + V×B) aapne bataya tha... aur is video me E ko chhor diye...
Equality jo hoti hain wo vyakti ke zarurat ke hisab tay ki jati hain. ramp us vyakti liye zaruri hain aur divyanga vyakti ke under yah kam equality ke bhavna paida karega isliye government bhi divyango ke suvidha ke liye anek karyakram chala rahi hain. aur jo normal vyakti hain wo khudi itne able hain ki wo kaise bhi raste se chal sakte hain to ramp ka kam asamanta ki bhavna nahi jagayega.
Lavanya Kapoor
a year ago
Absolutely! Bas mai aapse ye kahungi ki aap 'normal' word ka istemaal na karein harr insaan normal hi hai :) aur shabd jaise 'people without any physical disabilities' istemaal kie jaa sakte hain
Ok Madam , I will keep in mind and thank you so much for your precious reply.:-)
  1. Equality

  2. What is equality?

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  4. Clearing some misconceptions about equality In this manner, if we talk to a person with autism in the same way as we talk to a person without autism, are we practicing equality? Many of us think that equality means treating everyone in the same manner

  5. Equality and differences This is because different people have different requirements. When we cater to those requirements in the required manner, then only we can be called as practicing equality There is no society in the entire world which treats all its So, behaving differently with people according to their needs is actual equality members equally

  6. Let's say a child in a school does not have functional legs The school decides to build a ramp for the child so that she can access the school building easily The ramp is costing the school a lot Should other students complain that the school is being unequal by spending extra money on the child?

  7. So what are these accepted forms of inequality?

  8. Profession Various people choose various professions in their life This definitely makes them different from each other But this 'inequality' is acceptable We must allow people to pursue whichever profession they want to Even if all of them are not equally successful, it is okay

  9. Natural ability Naturally, people have different abilities and capabilities since their birth Some are good in music, some dance well, some can memorize things really well, and so on This inequality should not only be accepted, but appreciated too The only thing that matters is that these talents should not lead to DIFFERENTIAL TREATMENT

  10. Equality of opportunities No matter what the natural abilities of a person are, all of them should get similar opportunities to grow and develop This means that people should get similar schooling, college education and further educational opportunities, so that they can decide what they want to do in life

  11. Quite obviously, this is not present in our society. It is not present in any society, for that matter However, our Government has taken a commendable initiative by introducing 25% EWS (Economically weaker classes) quota in all private schools

  12. Equality of status cannot be ensured This is because you cannot force everyone to work hard Those who will work harder will be more successful than the others So, ensuring equality of status is, actually unfair On the other hand, the equality of opportunities can be, and should be ensured

  13. Distinction between natural and social inequalities Natural inequalities Social inequalities . They are because of natural causes, and . Sex is a natural inequality. Some people . Eg. Women have child bearing ability and They are constructed by society because of various ill-practices mostly cannot be changed are born males and some are born femalesGender is a social inequality. It men don't includes the SOCIALLY CONSTRUCTED ROLES that are given to women and men . Eg. Men will like blue colour and women will like pink colour, women have to take care of the child because she gives birth to her/him

  14. Similarly, 'Black Americans' were The latter said that the former were child-like, unintelligent, and better at manual labour Again, this was a social construct, and not natural portrayed to be LESSER than white Americans

  15. Equality for differently abled people The people who are not endowed with certain abilities that other people have are called differently abled people For instance, there might be people who cannot see, hear, walk, talk, etc. Though their inequality is natural, it is for no fault of theirs

  16. Inclusive- A society which accommodates all its So, society has recognized them as equals, and helped them cope up with the world Technology has helped a to meke shi wold more 'inclusive people, not considering their differences

  17. Provisions to make the world more inclusive . Computers which can help the visually challenged people to see Wheelchairs . Hearing aids Artificial limbs . Cosmetic surgery