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Affirmative action (In Hindi)
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In this lesson, we talk about the various arguments for and against reservation. We also talk about the need for stopping reservation once the desired outcome is achieved

Lavanya Kapoor
Pursuing B.El.Ed from DU. Happy reader! Occasional gyaani :)

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ye previous year qus hai kya maam?
yahi to durbhagya hai 70 sal baad bhi special treatment ki jaroorat pad rahi india me
All these issues have become instruments of a political appeasement. The government should deliberate on these issues because the unprivileged class is still deprived of it. We need to bring new systems so that all the citizens of the country do not feel discriminated. But the government is not ready to garner the courage to resolve this issues.
Lavanya Kapoor
a year ago
We need to do whatever we can in our capacity to reduce this issue. So, whenever we see someone misusing the reservation system of India, we must stop them. could be our friends too. But as they say- Charity begins at home
Thank you so much Lavanya madam for this awesome course keep it up. I salute your erudition.
but reservation continue till now and it will take whole general category into drought like condition
  1. Affirmative action

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  3. Equality-Differential treatment? Many a times, we have to behave with different people in a different manner to maintain equality Different people are born with different abilities To make sure that each one of them reaches her/his maximum potential, we must provide them the facilities they need

  4. The case of Stephen Hawking Stephen Hawking was a very famous scientist, who was suffering from a rare disease Because of his condition, he could only move his cheeks That is how he communicated So, a special machine was devised so that it could interpret his movements le has turned out to be one of the greatest scientists in the history of the world

  5. So, although he got differential treatment in the form of caretakers, special attention, etc., he was able to ach his maximum potential This resulted in great development for humankind as a whole re

  6. Similarly, if women are doing night shifts at offices they must be provided special protection in the form of security guards. The extra cost which comes up because of this should not be taken into consideration

  7. So, is differential treatment against equality? Such a treatment is not seen as violation of equality In fact, it is seen as a must for equality As a part of differential treatment for equality, some countries have resorted to AFFIRMATIVE ACTION

  8. What is affirmative action? When the provision of equality for all does not bring equality, SPECIAL PROVISIONS have to be made for the oppressed groups These oppressed groups are those which are HISTORICALLY DISADVANTAGED, and have been denied basic rights since years It is also called POSITIVE DISCRIMINATION/RESERVATION

  9. Some of the disadvantaged groups in India ScheduledReligious tribes minorities Women Dalits

  10. The arguments for reservation In India, the oppressed groups are given SPECIAL SEATS in colleges, schools and jobs It is assumed that they have lesser resources to reach these institutions. So, the constitution makes the process slightly easier for them This is justified because these groups have been oppressed historically, and it will take time for them to come to the forefront with others

  11. Let's think Imagine there is a child in a school who is a first-generation learner This means that no one in her family has gone to school before her Will she be able to cope up with school studies as well as the others would be able to? Who would help her in homework? Is it not justified that we lower the required marks for her when it comes to college admissions?

  12. Anti-reservation protests in Bangladesh leave 10o people injured, turn country's top university into battleground

  13. . Also, even if there is a privately-run school, the fees is so high that people from village are not able to enroll their children in it

  14. The issue of maternity leave Mothers need to breastfeed the child for initial months and that is why she must be given maternity leave However, the father should also be givern paternity leave once the breastfeeding period is over This enforces the idea that it is not just the mother's responsibility to raise the child

  15. Maharashtra govt to give 180-days paid maternity leave for state employees