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Social Justice- Historical Debates (In Hindi)
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In this lesson, we talk about the kind of debates which happened in historical times regarding justice. We discuss Socrates' concept of justice, along with some other eminent philosophers like Confucius and Kant

Lavanya Kapoor
Pursuing B.El.Ed from DU. Happy reader! Occasional gyaani :)

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Bikin enjoy dengerinnya, cukup frontal ya bang pas bilang "bodoh" tapi it's okay, dan masih ada yang typo dikit tapi nggak fatal. Sejauh ini seneng belajarnya. Thanks bang 🙏
ma'am nyccc way of reaching 😍😍
Kabhi kabhi koi vyakti jab koi apradh karta hain tab log kahte hain ki uske sath aisa karna chahiye ya waisa karna chahiye lekin muze lagta hain ki bhalehi wah vyakti ne galat kiya ho lekin uske sath durvyawhar to nahi kiya ja sakta. aur jo bhi apradh se sambadhit kanun banayr jate hain wo badle ki bhavna ke nazariye se nahi banaye jate balki samaz ke bhitar anushasan lane ke liye banaye jate hain.
Lavanya Kapoor
a year ago
Exactly! I'm happy you got the crux of it, Nishant
  1. Social justice

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  3. Historical debates about justice We all understand that justice means behaving in a fair manner This value of justice has long been debated, and is still debated everv now and then

  4. Ancient india The debate around justice is as old as our religious epics like Ramayana and Mahabharata The concept of 'Dharma' was always upheld in the epics In Mahabharata, Yudhishtir, who was the Dharmraaj, was the only one to go to heaven after death. This was because he was always fair and just

  5. Debates in china || He said that Confucius was a famous Chinese philosopher ilm Anyone who is justice is apracticingsho practice extremely desirable value not practicing justice should be punished Also, people who practice justice should be rewarded (picture of confucius)

  6. Plato's debates on justice Plato's work "The Republic' is path breaking work on Justice In the book, he has expressed all his ideas through a debate with his teacher Socrates, and his friends Glaucon and Adeimantus

  7. The dilemma of justice The youngsters asked Socrates that why we must be just They argued that the people who were unjust, unfair, selfish and deceitful were much more happy than those who were just, truthful and selfless One just had to avoid being caught and then we could continue to live easily and with happiness

  8. He further said that we must be just and fair for our own well being A just person is much more relaxed than an unjust and deceitful person, who is constantly under the fear of being caught Socrates went on to say that before being just, it is very important to understand what justice means

  9. Kant's idea of justice All people must get the chance to develop themselves in the society(rememb er positive liberty by J.S. Mill?) According to him, the DIGNITY of a person is non- negotiable Justice means respecting the dignity of a person, and Immanuel Kant was a German philosopher gising her the due s/he deserves