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Where Do Rights Come From? (In Hindi)
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In this lesson, we talk about where do rights come from, and what are the kinds of rights for which we have fought from time to time

Lavanya Kapoor
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  1. Where do rights come from?

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  3. Origin of rights in the 17th and 18th century The idea of rights did not come up as something that should be given to us by the STATE In fact, rights were believed to be provisioned by GOD It was not believed that some external authority had to give us our rights We were believed to be born with them

  4. Which rights were considered as NATURAL RIGHTS? Right to Rig toRight to liberty property life

  5. However, once the concept of rights was believed to be NATURAL, the authority of that kings and rulers are no kings and rulers started toone to take away our rights This was because the people started believing Before the 17th century ple did not have much idea about rights their entitlement to rights decrease

  6. Human rights and natural rights Even more than NATURE/GOD sanctioning our rights, we all have certain rights as HUMANS So, the term HUMAN RIGHTS has gained more importance in the recent years This is especially important for people who are atheists

  7. Since atheists do not believe in the existence of God, does it mean they should not be given natural rights? Even atheists are human beings, and they have all the rights to claim every right that their fellow beings are enjoying Absolutely false.

  8. Rights against inequalities and injustice Rights are like an antidote for people suffering from exploitation and those whose freedom has bee taken away Through the passage of time, many rights have been CLAIMED by groups after long, hard struggles A sound knowledge of one's rights can help the individual to uplift her/him- self

  9. Some rights for which long battles have been fought Right to fight against slavery Right to fight against untouchability Women's rights against domestic violence and exploitation Our right to live with dignity

  10. Environmental rights Since the past few years, the concept of ENVIRONMENTAL RIGHTS has gained a lot of popularity As humans, we have the right to live in a clean and healthy environment So, if people around us are trying to damage the environment, we can stop them Consequently, if we are damaging the environment, we can be stopped too

  11. Child rights Off late, violence against children has increased manifold, in the following ways: Child labour Child marriage Child sexual harassment

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