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What Is Freedom? (In Hindi)
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In this lesson, we talk about the basic idea of freedom, and what it means to have a free society

Lavanya Kapoor
Pursuing B.El.Ed from DU. Happy reader! Occasional gyaani :)

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mam u explains very well but mam can u claer me more on negative aspects of freedom
mam, thank you. your lectures are so good. you explain each and every topic very cleary. Tqsm
superb explanation
  1. What is freedom?

  2. The simple definition of freedom Freedom, as we all know, is when we have the ability to do anything and everything we want No one can stop us from pursuing our will W1

  3. Two dimesions of freedom . If we go deeper down in the concept of freedom, we will understand that it has 2 dimensions: Freedom is the absence of constraints Freedom is the ability to develop and grow within yourself

  4. Negative aspect of freedom Negative here is not a bad term It means that there should be ABSENCE OF ANY CONSTRAINTS in the society Whatever an individual wants to do, s/he should be allowed to do that

  5. When there is a free society, people can pursue whatever they want to, without much restraints So, if the daughter of a Hindu priest wants to become a doctor, she should not be stopped by anyone on any grounds

  6. Kerala CM: State will not tolerate attack on freedom of expression

  7. Positive aspect of freedom The people in a society should be able to expand their abilities, personality and widen their scope of development The society should give an environment which allows people to grow Good educational institutions, open discussions and debates, accepting families are a part of a good socie

  8. e A free society has an open social media, where people want are allowed to debate and discuss whatever they to . India is a very good example of a free society Every now and then, people do try to threaten our freedom . However, it goes to our credit that we do not let anyone snatch away our right to freedom

  9. What is a free society? A free society is one where you do not have restrictions on what you want to do The people will have opportunities to develop themselves and their personality


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