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Rights And Responsibilities
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In this lesson, we talk about why it is important to exercise rights in a responsible manner. We also talk about situations in which our rights can be curtailed

Lavanya Kapoor
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Is that ARTICLE- 144 or SECTION-144 ????
  1. Rights and responsibilities

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  3. ssential to rights are responsibilities We cannot enjoy all rights without being responsible We need to take care of certain things while exercising our rights Like the state has the responsibility of giving us the rights, we have the responsibility to use those rights JUDICIOUSLY and RESPONSIBLY

  4. Why do we have to be responsible? We are not the only people who inhabit the earth There are a lot of other people, organisms and living beings We have to act in such a manner that minimum discomfort is caused to everyone around us We have to think about OTHERS while we think about ourselves

  5. rresponsible environmental actions by us Since decades, we have been exploiting the environment mercilessly As a result, the environment has given back to us in the form of So now, we have to take REMEDIAL ACTION for preserving the environment floods, droughts and other such natural calamities


  7. Respect for others' rights When we have certain rights, we have to acknowledge that other have the rights too Our right:s must not be exercised in such a manner that the rights of others are hampered

  8. LIVE AND LET LIVE Eat what you want and let others eat Dress and let others dress as they wish to Say what you want and let others say what they want to what they want

  9. Are sting operations bad? An organization named COBRAPOST conducted sting operations and revealed that big media houses are engaging in paid media Recently, a huge sting operation took place in the media sector This can be seen as infringement of privacy

  10. However, no one objected to it This is because they were done with the larger cause of benefitting the public and letting them know of the corruption that is happening around us So, sting operations are a very dicey issue They must be done with justifiable intentions, or else they are objectionable

  11. In what cases is curtailment of rights justified? If we need to protect the NATIONAL SECURITY, certain rights can be curtailed For instance, we cannot ask for secret military documents, or documents of CBI, under RTI Similarly, we cannot enter a cantonment area, as it is an exclusive area of the armed forces

  12. Sec 144 imposed in Manipur district amid protest over new bill

  13. . Rights are delicately balanced provisions, which should be exercised responsibly

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