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Kinds Of Rights (In Hindi)
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In this lesson, we talk about how what are the kinds of rights around us. We also talk about how the scope of rights is expanding in our country

Lavanya Kapoor
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  3. POLITICAL RIGHTS Like justice, political rights are also the most BASIC RIGHTS in a country They give and equal status to all the citizens of a country Political right give a greater degree of importance to individual freedom than to the state as a whole

  4. WHAT ALL IS INCLUDED IN POLITICAL RIGHTS? Right to vote Right to contest elections Right to form a political party

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  6. CIVIL LIBERTIES Civil liberties come along with political rights If we want to enjoy political rights, we must have a certairn degree of freedom and liberty

  7. SOME OF THE CIVIL LIBERTIES The freedom of expression The right to have a free and fair trial The right to dissent and protest

  8. Political Rights Civit liberties l Basis of political system

  9. ECONOMIC RIGHTS If we do not have basic facilities like food, water, clean air, house, clothes, livelihood etc., we cannot enjoy our political and civil liberties Just think- how many people living below the poverty line would go to vote? Or would have a say in decision making of the Government?

  10. o So, it becomes very important that we give a certain amount of economic rights to the people

  11. CULTURAL RIGHTS Government is recognizing the cultural and The Cultural and Educational right as a fundamental right is Another important step is the provision ts ofa very important step of Geographical indicators(Gi) tags indicators(GI) tags the communities in this direction

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