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France As A Nation State (In Hindi)
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In this lesson, we talk about France, and how it has built itself as a nation state since its independence

Lavanya Kapoor
Pursuing B.El.Ed from DU. Happy reader! Occasional gyaani :)

Unacademy user
and mamm what about f test
Very nice explanation madam, Please keep it up because watching your lessons daily has become routine. Aapki soch Andhkar se Ujale ki aur le jati hain aur bohot si chize ek sahi disha me sochne ke liye mazbur kar deti hain. Aur aap mere comment ko padhti hain uska jawab deti hain iske liye main aapka aabhari hu lekin jaha aapko koi bat anuchit lage to aap freely use sahi kar sakti ho. Thank you so much.
Lavanya Kapoor
a year ago
Thank you Nishant ! You really encourage me with your comments and reviews :) And yes, jahaan bhi improvement ka scope hoga mai bataungi :)
Madam, Happy Independence day.
Lavanya Kapoor
a year ago
Happy independence day Nishant!
thanks a lot mam i have a Que if any Indian citizen give birth to her child in abroad then why her child cant get citizenship of India? plz reply me mam
Lavanya Kapoor
a year ago
Hi Shubhangi. The citizen can get Indian citizenship for her child. However, she has to sign an agreement with the Indian Government that after attaining the age of 18, the child will renounce the citizenship of the country of birth. Eg. If an Indian citizen gives birth to a child in the US, the child becomes a US citizen by the principle of Jus Soli. So, if the parent has to choose if the child will get an Indian citizenship or a US citizenship. If Indian citizenship is desired, the contract has to be signed (As India does not allow dual citizenship)
tqq so much mam now i m clear
mam my optional is polity and i m just start my preparations frm last 3 months plzz help me plz give me suggestions how to preparr5
mam my optional is polity and i m just start my preparations frm last 3 months plzz help me plz give me suggestions how to preparr5
  1. The nation state of France IOI

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  3. France

  4. France as a nation state France has done a really appreciable job when it comes to establishing itself as a nation state After the French Revolution in the 17th century, some values became eternal for France

  5. Liberty FraternityEquality

  6. So, the whole country and its citizens started taking these values as their own The citizens of France developed a sense of collective identity This identity is nothing but the feeling of being a citizen of a nation state

  7. Ideals by which France always stands Secularism is an ideal which is integral to the French culture Religion cannot lead to unequal treatment of any of its citizens Even if someone wants to certain religious practices which might not be socially acceptable, they can do it only in their own houses In the public space, there can be no discrimination on the basis of religion

  8. France: burqa ban is legal and will stay- European Human Rights Court No ban on Sikh turbans, only on burqas, says France

  9. So, France has identified itself as a progressive, forward-looking nation

  10. Art and heritage as nation- building forces A very famous painting called the 'Mona Lisa is kept at 'The Louvre' museum of France France has many famous museums So, French people have a They take pride collective sense of national identity in their art and culture

  11. We can relate this to the Indian context as well Since years, Indians have been trying to bring the Kohinoor diamond back from the UK The Kohinoor originally belonged to India, and was taken away by the British So, it is the collective national identity as citizens which makes us fight for such causes

  12. France has used the feeling of being a citizen of a nation state really well!

  13. Thank Youl