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Prarthna Samaj, Swami Vivekananda and Ramakrishna Mission
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sir i will be very thank ful to you if you cover Tamil Nadu NCERT books from 6th t0 10th ....
  1. TN Textbook Class XIl History SIVA PRASAD

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  4. Prarthana Samaj . The Prarthana Samaj was founded in 1867 in Bombay by Dr. Atmaram Pandurang . It was an off-shoot of Brahmo Samaj. It was a reform movement within Hinduism and concentrated on social reforms like inter-dining, inter- marriage, widow remarriage and uplift of women and depressed classes. Justice M.G. Ranade and R.G. Bhandarkar joined it in 1870 and infused new strength to it. Justice Ranade promoted the Deccan Education Society.

  5. Swami Vivekananda and Ramakrishna Mission The original name of Swami Vivekananda was Narendranath Dutta and he became the most famous disciple of Shri Ramkrishna Paramahamsa . In 1886 Narendranath took the vow of Sanyasa and was given the name, Vivekananda . He preached Vedantic Philosophy. He condemned the caste system and the current Hindu emphasis on rituals and ceremonies. Swami Vivekananda participated at the Parliament of Religions held in Chicago (USA) in September 1893 and raised the prestige of India and Hinduism very high.

  6. Swami Vivekananda and Ramakrishna Mission Vivekananda preached the message of strength and self- reliance. He asked the people to improve the lives of the poor and depressed classes. . He believed that service to mankind is service to God. . He founded the Ramkrishna Mission at Belur in Howrah in 1897. It is a social service and charitable society. . The objectives of this Mission are providing humanitarian relief and social work through the establishment of schools, colleges, hospitals and orphanages.

  7. Theosophical Society . The Theosophical Society was founded in New York in 1875 by Madam H.P. Blavatsky and Henry Steel Olcott. Their main objectives were to form a universal brotherhood of man without any distinction of race, colour or creed and to promote the study of ancient religions and philosophies. They arrived in India and established their headquarters at Adyar in Madras in 1882. Later in 1893, Mrs. Annie Besant arrived in India and took over the leadership of the Society after the death of Olcott . Mrs. Annie Besant founded the Central Hindu School along with Madan Mohan Malaviya at Benaras which later developed into the Banaras Hindu University.

  8. Pandit Ishwar Chandra Vidyasagar Pandit Ishwar Chandra was a great educator, humanist and social reformer. He rose to be the Head Pandit of the Bengali Department of Fort William College. He firmly believed that reform in Indian society could only come about through education Vidyasagar founded many schools for girls. He helped J.D. Bethune to establish the Bethune School. He founded the Metropolitan Institution in Calcutta. He protested against child marriage and favoured widow remarriage which was legalised by the Widow Remarriage Act (1856). It was due to his great support for the spread of education that he was given the title of Vidyasagar.

  9. Jyotiba Phule Jyotiba Phule belonged to a low caste family in Maharashtra. He waged a life-long struggle against upper caste domination and Brahmanical supremacy. . In 1873 he founded the Satyashodak Samaj to fight against the caste system . He pioneered the widow remarriage movement in Maharashtra and worked for the education for women. . Jyotiba Phule and his wife established the first girls' school at Poona in 1851.

  10. Muslim Reform Movements The Muslim reform movements started a little later because they had avoided western education in the beginning. . The first effort was in 1863 when the Muhammad Literary Society was set up in Calcutta. Its aim was to popularise the study of English and western sciences. It established a number of schools in Bengal.

  11. The Deoband School . The orthodox section among the Muslim ulema organised the Deoband Moovement. It was a revivalist movement whose twin objectives were: (a) to propagate among the Muslims the pure teachings of the Koran and the Hadis and (b) to keep alive the spirit of jihad aganist the foreign rulers. . The new Deoband leader Mahmud-ul-Hasan sought to impart a political and intellectual content to the religious ideas of the school

  12. Parsi Reform Movement The Parsi Religious Reform Association was founded at Bombay by Furdunji Naoroji and S.S. Bengalee in 1851 They advocated the spread of women's education. They also wanted to reform their marriage customs. Naoroji published a monthly journal, Jagat Mithra. The momentum gathered through these reform movements and went a long way in uplifting the entire community.

  13. Self-Respect Movement and Periyar E.V.R. He attacked the laws of Manu, which he called the basis of the entire Hindu social fabric of caste. . He founded the Tamil journals Kudiarasu, Puratchi and Viduthalai to propagate his ideals. . In 1938 at Tamil Nadu Women's Conference appreciatin the noble service e was given the title "Periyar"". rendered by E.V.R. he was given the title "Periyar" . In 1970 by the UNESCO organisation praised and adorned with the title "Socrates of South Asia".