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78 lessons • 13h 45m

English East India Company

10m 10s

Warren Hastings

13m 30s

Regulating act of 1773

15m 00s

First Anglo-Maratha war

13m 58s

Second Anglo Mysore war

9m 40s

Pitts India act

9m 53s

Lord Cornwallis and Third Anglo Mysore war

9m 34s

Reforms introduced by Lord Cornawallis

10m 06s

Lord Wellesley

11m 18s

Subsidiary alliance

11m 46s

Enforcement of subsidiary alliance & 4th Anglo Mysore war

10m 47s

Marathas and Wellesley

9m 15s

Lord Hastings

9m 26s

Reforms by Lord Hastings

13m 08s

Lord William Bentick

10m 01s

Charter Act 1833, administrative and revenue reforms by Bentick

10m 29s

Lord Bentick social reforms

12m 44s

Lord Dalhousie

10m 38s

Lord Dalhousie: Annexation of Awadh and Railways

11m 31s

Lord Dalhousie reforms

11m 35s

British Agrarian Policy

11m 07s

Permanent settlement

15m 00s

Ryotwari and Mahalwari settlement

7m 44s

Decline of Indian Handicrafts

14m 50s

Language and Education policy of British

14m 40s

Social policies and legislations

12m 14s

Emancipation of women

11m 27s

Struggle against caste system

14m 57s

Vellore Mutiny Causes

12m 32s

Vellore Mutiny

8m 44s

Causes of revolt of 1857

13m 06s

The beginning of revolt of 1857

11m 02s

Places affected by the Revolt of 1857

11m 54s

Causes of failure of revolt of 1857

13m 36s

Lord Lytton

11m 56s

Second Afghan War

8m 54s

Lord Ripon

10m 21s

Illbert Bill agitation

8m 57s

Lord Curzon

10m 32s

Raja Rammohan Roy

9m 14s

Young Bengal movement and Arya Samaj

10m 13s

Prarthna Samaj, Swami Vivekananda and Ramakrishna Mission

9m 57s

Theosophical society, pundit Ishwar Chandra Vidyasagar, Jyotiba Phule

12m 07s

Muslim Reform Movement

9m 04s

Sikh & Parsi reform movement and Self respect Movement

14m 18s

Factors responsible for growth of Nationalism

10m 14s

Factors responsible for growth of nationalism part 2

8m 55s

Formation of the Indian National Congress

10m 53s

Demands of the Moderates

12m 25s

Achievement of the moderates

9m 17s

Rise of extremism

11m 22s

Extremism and Lord Curzon's unpopular rule

11m 14s

Methods of the Extremists

9m 51s

Extremist leaders

9m 16s

Motive for the partition of Bengal

7m 47s

Partition of Bengal and rise of extremism

11m 12s

Swadeshi movement

12m 08s

Achievement of the extremists

9m 57s

Formation of Muslim league and lucknow pact

6m 39s

Home rule movement

11m 08s

Revolutionary movements

9m 56s

Advent of Mahatma Gandhi

12m 51s

Rowlatt Act and Jallianwala bagh massacre

10m 18s

Khilafat Movement

10m 24s

Non co-operation movement

9m 34s

Non cooperation movement part 2

12m 18s

Significance of Non cooperation movement & Swaraj Party

9m 14s

Simon Commission

7m 11s

Nehru Report

8m 35s

Civil disobidience movement & Dandi March

9m 44s

The Round Table Conferences

6m 14s

Poona pact & the Third round table conference

10m 16s

August offer and individual satyagraha

8m 34s

Cripps Mission

6m 43s

Quit India Movement

7m 18s

Indian National Army

7m 21s

Cabinet mission and Mountbatten plan

7m 01s

Indian Independence act 1947

5m 55s

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