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Indian Independence act 1947
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Siva Prasad
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सर हिंदी में प्रस्तुति के लिए बहुत बहुत धन्यवाद |
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sir, pls share PDF of this course.....please
awesome course Sir, best course on modern history so far. Can you plz make a course on world history according to the GS paper1 syllabus? It would be really helpful. thank you 🙂
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Excellent course and excellent teaching and presentation. Thank you sir for the great help rendered.
  1. TN Textbook Class XIl History SIVA PRASAD

  2. Indian Independence Act 1947 The salient features of this Act were: The partition of the country into India and Pakistan would come into effect from 15 August 1947. The British Government would transfer all powers to these two Dominions A Boundary Commission would demarcate the boundaries of the provinces of the Punjab and Bengal. . The Act provided for the transfer of power to the Constituent Assemblies of the two Dominions, which will have full authority to frame their respective Constitutions.

  3. Indian Independence . The Radcliff Boundary Commission drew the boundary line separating India and Pakistan. .On 15th August 1947 India, and on the 14th August Pakistan came into existence as two independent states. Lord Mountbatten was made the first Governor General of Independent India, whereas Mohammad Ali Jinnah became the first Governor General of Pakistan