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Will robots take our jobs?
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In this bytes video find out what machines and computers do for us now and if robots can replace humans and take up our jobs in recent future.

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sir english kaha milenge video
Khushbu buchcha
9 months ago
Content is in English. Kindly follow
Mam for doing surgery n driving robot with artificial intelligence is required. right ?
Mam please upload a video on augumented reality n virtual reality

  2. It's incredibly hard to imagine a computer doing the driving.

  3. What can i help you with? Something even more unthinkable was interpreting human speech and no-one would have imagined that computers would do it one day.

  4. All these tasks had been someone's job in an office and now those jobs are just gone 8 9 8

  5. By 2030, as many as 800 million jobs could be lost worldwide to automation.

  6. 0 A machine can be programmed to do repetitive jobs with even more precision.

  7. But soon, the routine jobs will expand to more and more tasks that we do and probably robots take up those jobs in recent future Oo

  8. Can you imagine a robotic surge n may be who might be able to operate many times faster than a human surgeon and with lesse chances of erro?

  9. There will still always be jobs because!although technology might replace some jobs, there will always be new requirements and jobs that will hopefully crop up around these new economies.