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The Kakori Train incident
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In this bytes video get to know about the Kakori Train Conspiracy, the actual robbery incident, the leaders behind this incident and the final verdict.

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thanks, suggestion - world bank, not just in literal and basic sense but with details about its various arms and other initiatives expect money lending.
Divya Sree
6 months ago
Hi Akshay!! You can watch my lesson on World Bank in my course : International Organizations: UPSC CSE -
Akshay Goel
6 months ago
Hello Divya. I am going it check it out for sure. Thanks for the reply.
Divya Sree
6 months ago
Thank you..Happy to help :)
Everytime the slide changes, the video freezes and starts to buffer. Super annoying experience.
how effective is Indian education system today for our country
Where is the video description?
  1. The Kakori Train incident 43966

  2. The Kakori Conspiracy was a train robbery that took place between Kakori and, near Lucknow, on 9 August 1925 43965

  3. The robbery was conceived by Ranm Prasad Bismil and Ashfaqullah Khan who belonged to the HRA

  4. The HRA was established to carry out revolutionary activities against the British Empire in India with the objective of achieving independence. Hindustan Republican Association

  5. On 9 August 1925, the Number 8 Down Train travelling from Lucknow Kakori, when one of the revolutionaries pulled the emergency chain to stop the train. It is believed that they looted that specific train because it was supposedly Shahjahanpur to was approaching the town of Within a month, the CAD did it carrving money bags in the quard's cabin, kakori Train Robbery Case Solved

  6. The objectives of this robbery was to: To fund the HRA with funds stolen from the British administration. To garner public attention by creating a positive image of the HRA among Indians.

  7. 1780 The Times of India 27 September 1925 Forty people were arrested from all over India. Quarter A Their leader, Ram Prasad Bismil, was arrested at Saharanpur on 26 September 1925, and his lieutenant, Ashfaqullah Khan, was arrested ten months later at Delhi. Still one revolutionar Resanal

  8. After the court gave the final verdict, all the accused were sent to the different jails of the United Province.