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What are Constellations?
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In this Bytes video learn about what constellations are, how did they originate and a bit about the stories behind the naming of some of the famous constellations

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Ma'am thanks for such research information about Constellations, can we have similar knowledge of our own Nakshatras.
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How we travel and see our way after seeing stars. Please make vedio regarding this

  2. What is a constellation?

  3. What is a constellation? Cluster of stars in the sky together in a particular shape grouped

  4. What is a star? A celestial object that gives off light that is produced in its core. Nearest star to earth Sun

  5. Why constellations? Bright stars used as markers to identify lesser bright ones in the sky

  6. Constllations are a group of stars that form a pattern

  7. Leo Minor Canes Venatici Ursa Major Coma Berenices Leo Corvus Virgo Crater Bootes Draco Serpens Caput Corona Borealis Hydra Vela Constellations help astronomers map the night sky & guide ourus Vea them to the particular star that they wish to study taurus Puppis Crux rianguium Australe eia Carina Cygnus Aquila Telescopium Apus Chaemeleon Delphinus Capricornus Octans ta Columb Equuleus Corona

  8. Leo Minor Coma Berenices Canes Venatici Ursa Major Leo Corvus Virgo Crater Bootes Draco Serpens Caput Corona Borealis or Hydra Centaurus Vela Here FAMOUS CONSTELLATIONS Cepheus Lyra Serpens Cauda 88 constellations in the sky Pupp Crux Sagittarius . Triangulum Australe peia Carina Cygnus Aquila Telescopium Ara Apus Chaemeleon Delphinus Capricornus Octans erta Colun Equuleus

  9. ORION Named after the mythical Greek hunter, Orion Betelgeus Orion He dies due to a sting by a scorpion . Rigel

  10. HERCULES Roman mythological hero Shape of a man as if he has just released an ar roW

  11. URSA MAJOR & URSA MINOR Translates to Larger Bear Hera transformed Callisto into a bear . Zeus turned her son Arcas into a bear

  12. DRACO Draco stands for Dragon in Latin Draco was a dragon that was slayed by goddess Minerva & tossed into the sky Draco Minor

  13. LYRA Lyre is associated with Orpheus, the great musician Cygnus Vega The harp thrown into a river .Zeus's eagle retrieved the lyre and placed it in the night sky Vulpecua

  14. Hope you enjoyed today's lesson!