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Islands that will disappear in recent future
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In this bytes video get to know about the islands around the world which are getting submerged due to rising sea levels.

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  1. Solomon Islands, South Pacific Sea The sea level has risen by around 8 mm per year since 1993

  2. Maldives Islands According to the current projections of sea level rise, the entire country could be underwater by the year 2100.

  3. Palau Islands Palau National Weather Service Office and the Pacific Climate Change Science Program says that the sea level has risen in Palau, located in the South Pacific, by about 0.35 inches per year since 1993

  4. Micronesia Due to increasing sea levels, the nation has seen several islands disappear recently, while others have been severely reduced in size

  5. The Pacific Islands of Fiji Over the last few decades, some villages have reported a loss of 15-20 meters of shoreline due to loss of mangroves. Sea levels are expected to rise up to 43 centimeters by 2050

  6. Tuvalu The Tuvalu government says it's one of the most vulnerable places on Earth to the impact of rising sea levels, which could bring complete disaster to its 10,000 residents

  7. Seychelles The Seychelles News Agency reports that even a one-meter rise might cover many of its low-lying islands and inhabited coastal areas, which would amount to a 70 percent loss of fts land mass

  8. Torres Strait Islands Locals on the islands are terrified every time there is a high tide, despite many having lived by the sea for generations

  9. Kiribati There's a plan to move everyone who lives on this island in the central Pacific completely off ue to increasing water levels