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The science behind self-driving cars!
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In this Bytes video learn about the science behind self driving cars and also get to know about the advantages of self driving cars.

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Unacademy user
Hari Singh Rajput
2 months ago
very nice explanation.... thanks..!!
Please do a lesson on the Israel - Palestine conflict.
mam kindly make a video lacture on coriolis force due to which wind in northern hemisphere turn towards right...
can you make a video on Gene editing..there was a question in pre this year and the technique was in news last year. It would be really helpful if you explain it and the mechanism of it in brief.
  1. What is the future of Transportation?

  2. Self-Driving/Autonomous Cars Self-Driving

  3. LE What is a Self-Driving Car? DOE th .

  4. How do Self-Driving Cars work?

  5. Sensors generate a 3D map

  6. 300 m 100 m 50 m Obstacle Avoidance Algorithms detect pedestrians and road blocks Ln

  7. A bunch of commands controt the braking, throttle, and steering 1

  8. Connected and Disconnected Cars

  9. Advantages of Self-Driving Cars

  10. Significantly reduce the number accidents