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Coral Reef in a brief
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In this bytes video learn about coral reefs, where you can find them around the globe and the major threats that they are under.

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very nice of you mam
Great and much need topic. Suggestion: Kindly cover, if Climate Change is one of the factor for Coral reefs destruction, Specify what types of Climate Change is affecting it?
please make lessons on the theories and phenomenons bagging nobel prizes..this will really be useful for every one.
plz make a video on national park biosphare reserve and wild life sentuary and diff. b/w them
  1. Coral reef in a brief

  2. Coral reef in a brief Corals are often called "rainforests of the sea"

  3. What exactly are coral reefs?

  4. These are diverse underwater ecosystems held together by calcium carbonate structures secreted by corals.

  5. The total area of the world's coral reefs amounts to less than one quarter of 1% of the entire marine environment. Coral reefs Warm water Cold water

  6. Coral reef organisms are being used in treatments for diseases like cancer an

  7. Where can you find coral reefs?

  8. Cold water coral reefs off the coast of Norway Deep underwater'in the Mediterranean Sea The Coral Triangle and the Mesoamerican Reef

  9. The annual global economic value of coral reefs is estimated between US$30-375 billion

  10. Main threat to Coral reefs

  11. Destructive fishing

  12. Pollution