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The science behind Yoga
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In this Bytes lesson learn how useful yoga can be for your health and also the science behind yoga

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sir tier 2 english me perajmumble and close test me problem hoti he. sir please help how to solve this .
Anurag Garg
3 years ago
There is no specific book for it, practise as much as you can
Make same series for hindi medium
hello team it's really awesome course, need to know in deeply about how the currencies varies by country to country , and why indian ruppies is so less in comparison to dollar and Euro,and others...?
Good question bro....
mam a great video bt plzz make a video on specially target on effect of yoga and meditation on brain and intelligence I am too much curious about this topic hope u make video on it
very nice mam ; keep doing the great work you're doing by posting such videos on interesting & amazing topics
Agree with all the positive words but there are always exceptions for every generalization. I was very much impressed on my outcomes during 2010 as part of our curriculum which encouraged me to do further. By the end of 2011, lost weight from 52 to 31 kgs and got hospitalized for 2 semesters during 5th year which finally left
Roop Varun T
2 years ago
after which I left Yoga and got back to my life.... till now no such adverse effects and my health is okay.

  2. Yoga began over 5,000 years ago, and people have been feeling the positive effects ever since.

  3. Regular yoga is amazing

  4. YOGA helps fight your sugar cravin gs which is like the biggest weakness for most of us

  5. Yoga really improves your breathing and helps you stay more calm.

  6. Practicing yoga for a week: Better sleep Lesser cortisol levels Reduced blood pressure

  7. In 2008 a study from the University of Utah looked at the effect of yoga on the stress response.

  8. They looked at three groups of people experienced yogis people with stress-related illness healthy people

  9. Shocking thing is you can burn almost an equivalent amount of calories as other work out

  10. YOU ARE ONE WORKOUT AWAY FROM A GOOD MOOD Science has yet to discover why yoga works to improve the mood, but studies have shown that it really does.

  11. Start with a few minutes of yoga everyday to stay healthier, happier and more mentally alert.