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The history and origin of vaccines.
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In this video learn about the history and origin of vaccines and how the past two decades have seen the application of molecular genetics and it's insights applied to vaccinology.

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sir actually it is hypermetropia... and in myopia near vision is possible that's why it is called near sightedness...far vision is blurred in myopia and similarly near vision is distorted in hypermetropia... please correct it
Hemant Singh
3 months ago
Check it Again bro.....!!!
Vishal Chaudhary
3 months ago
brother i am faculty myself..... i have checked it from NCERT itself
Hemant Singh
3 months ago
You are correct.....!!! Far sightedness or Hypermetropia: Convex Lens Near Sightedness or Myopia : Concave used.
Bro, unacademy pr pdha rhe hai toh iska mtlb yeh nhi ki jo bole maan liya jayega, check kro vishal bhai sahi bol rhe hai...
Karun Ghavri
a month ago
vishal bro you are correct it os hypermetropia for Far Sightedness.
Sunil Kumar Pal
a month ago
hyperopia is far-sightedness and hypermetropia is long-sightedness, I think. Google both words simultaneously
Ma'am the spelling of history is wrong
is there any particular notes on vaccines ? it willbe so helpful for us . Thank You in advance
Very nice video. Please make a video on Life Sciences and Bioengineering. Thank u.
Video on Vikram Sarabhai, he is the father of Indian Space Mission.
Hello mam..... Please make a video on CIRCADIAN RHYTHM.

  1. Edward Jenner is considered the founder of vaccinology in the West in 1796

  2. 1897 and 1904 Louis Pasteur's experiments spearheaded the development of live attenuated cholera vaccine and inactivated anthrax vaccine in humans

  3. In 1923, Alexander Glenny perfected a method to inactivate tetanus toxin with formaldehyde.

  4. Viral tissue culture methods developed from 1950-1985, and lecd to the advent of the Salk and the Sabin polio vaccine.

  5. Despite the evidence of health gains from immunisation programmes there has always been resistance to vaccines in some groups ppropriate box and provide the year it known. Va equired) ldren within the range must meet th while attendinga this day care must have their record grade at entry quired mmunizations for the child Children who reach a new agelgraJ NUMBER OF DOSES 2 PCV 2 Hep B 2 Hit 3 Hib Hib 1 MMR 1 MAR 2 MAR 2 Polio 2 Hep B 3 Hep B 3 Hep B 3 PCV Child Care Immunization Record Must be on file before a child attends child care. ed one dose of Hib at 15 a dose 4 days n who are 15 months or older and law for child care: e-named child is aw for chi Date of Enrollment:

  6. The past two decades have seen the application of molecular genetics and its increased insights into immunology microbiology and genomics applied to vaccinology.

  7. Therapeutic vaccines may also soon be available for allergies, autoimmune diseases and addictions.