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What is Organic Farming?
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In this bytes video learn about what is organic farming and also in what ways it is different and better than conventional farming.

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Hello Mam, The video is very helpful.Thank you so much for making it. I have one request that you give us a short note too of all the information which you gave in this video.So that it will be easy for us to memories it. Please think about it.
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Hi Preeti, you can take down notes from the 'Notes' section of the video. there is a separate tab called 'Notes'. also we will try adding more notes on the screens of the videos. thank you for your suggestion.
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  1. What is Organic Farming?

  2. After learning how conventional farming methods come with tons of problems including health related diseases, and impact on domestic animals organic farming started.

  3. Organic farming is nothing but a technique, in which you cultivate plants and rear animals in natural ways.

  4. Unlike conventional farming organic farming: uses of biological materials avoids synthetic substances to maintain soil fertility Minimizes pollution and wastage

  5. Conventional Farming VS Organic Farming

  6. method Conventional farming Farms treated with harsh chemicals Organic farming method Organic farmer will not soak his seeds in any chemical solution nor irrigate the newly planted seeds using water with added chemicals

  7. Conventional farming method the conventional farmer will use weedicide to exterminate weeds Organic farming method The organic farmer will not use such chemicals to get rid of the weed problem. Instead, he will physically weed out the farm, even if it's very labor intensive.

  8. Why Organic Farming?

  9. To get the benefit of nutrients Stay away from GMOs For better taste and quality To conserve agricultural diversity

  10. Key Features of Organic Farming