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The first Indian to join Civil Service
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In this Bytes lesson find out about the achievements of the first Indian to join the Indian Civil Service

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Hi Everyone, yes all of you are correct. The year of birth is 1842 and not 1942. It was a typing mistake from my end. Apologies.
prepare your english correct n speak then there is writen 1942 you say 1842
first learn to speak properly and work on your own grammar.
Look who's advising 😂😂
Akshay Sharma
a year ago
hahahaha ...look who is advising
please don't do such a blunder with dates ,,,,u are showing satyendra tagore birth in 1942 and he us qualifying civil services in 1863 soo how can it happen,,,don't misguide people like this
Shaliha Mirza
a year ago
its misspoken sonali just use commomsense.........anyone of us can do mistakes........daily kb are awsmm......:)
Subhash Bobasya
a year ago
Its not blunder yar,may be a typing mistake,dont be so serious.
gud information and guys use common sense it cant be 1942 its just miswritten...........
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  1. Satyendranath Tagore The first Indian to join the Indian Civil Service Was born today - 1st June 1942

  2. The other Tagores Satyendranath Tagore

  3. or a long time, only British officers were appointed to alr covenanted posts.

  4. The ICS Act of 1861 established the Indian Civil Service. The Act of 1853 had already established the practice of recruiting covenanted civilians through competitive examinations.

  5. Satyendranath Tagore and his friend Monomohun Ghose offered encouragement and support, and both of them set sail for England in 1862 to prepare for and compete in the civil service examinations.

  6. Satyendranath Tagore was selected for the Indian Civil Service in June, 1863 Ne

  7. Tukaram's Poems ERT

  8. Satyendranath took an active interest in the activities of the Brahmo Samaj wherever he was posted. BRAHMO S AMAN

  9. Satyendranath laid the foundations of freeing women from the purdah He used to think that the purdah system in his family was not that of our own nation but a copy of Muslim practices