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The history of our National Flag
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In this Bytes video get to about the history of your National Flag and also the significance of the Colors and how it evolved over time.

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મૂનસર તળાવ - વિરમગામ
Religious representation of Islam ,Christianity and Hinduism is wrong. India also have various other religions like Sikhism,Buddhism ,Jainism ,Jewish and Zoroastrianism .
please check your comment about representation of colours.
doesn't green represent greenery everywhere I mean as a green environment?
Roop Varun T
a year ago
we too read in the same way in our curriculum. Here, they just enhanced the concept of greenery to perennial nature. Both conclude to the same concept, I feel!
Excuse me but that 'Indian secular representation of all the religion in our national flag' is actually nothing more than a WhatsApp forward.
Can you make a video on how and why are the prices of diesel and petrol are rising in India ?
  1. The history behind our national flag

  2. Germany Switzerland Italy

  3. Germany The Netherlands Switzerland UK Italy Denmark

  4. Germany The Netherlands Israel Switzerland UK China Italy Denmark Russia

  5. Germany The Netherlands Israel USA Switzerland UK China Norway Italy Denmark Russia Belgium

  6. GermanyThe Netherlands Israel USA Canada Switzerland UK China Norway France Italy Denmark Russia Belgium Finland

  7. Saffron White Green

  8. The present form of the flag was adopted by the Constituent Assembly of India on 22 July, 1947

  9. Significance of the flag colours

  10. Sacrifice and Renunciation Peace Courage and Immortality

  11. The Ashok Chakra is a depiction of Dharma Chakra

  12. The symbolism of wheel is that of constant movement that heralds progress and repels stagnation The Ashok Chakra is a depiction of Dharma Chakra

  13. Hinduism, Buddhism and Jainism Christianity Islam

  14. The first unofficial flag to be hoisted by the Indians happened on August 7, 1906, in Parsee Bagan, Calcutta. oy y ay r r vor yoy

  15. Pingali Venkayya 2 August 1876 4 July 1963

  16. The Swaraj Flag 1931