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The Indian Independence Act
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In this Bytes video learn about the India Independence Act that came into force today - 18th July 1947

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the issue wd app z dat videos are not downloadable and videos even after closing the app stay in the notifications. plz tell if ds happens wd everyone or just me. mam has explained everything very clearly.
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Hey Ankita! It happens with everyone don't worry. It's annoying tho.
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Technical stuffs arent in my hand .. !!
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I am unable to give any fixed deadline for upload.. so i would personally suggest you to carry on with your preparation.
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Ma'm as you ur educational background is history why don't you make history classes also..! topics like Social reform movments, economic activities in ancient, medival and modern etc etc
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I along with the team decided to work on geography first because the Geography NCERTs were not there on the platform which is very much needed from exam point of view and also for clearing fundamental concepts.... For history , I can give no word now
can you make a video on "what will happen if light won't travel in a straight path"
This is definitely the best on Unacademy ! have not missed any since joining ! keep making more videos !
I will recommend you to make video, giving info of *SAM : Artificial intelligence politician*
please make these videos in hindi also
make a video on polar wandering
  1. Indian Independence Act July 18th 1947

  2. Pakistan came into being on August 14th 1947

  3. DELHI EDETION Help the Refugees Chandni Chowk, D LARGEST CIRCULATION N NORTHERN, NORTH-WESTERN AND CENTRAL ENDlA NEW DELHI, FRIDAY. AUGUST 15, 1947 INDIA INDEPENDENT : BRITISH RULE ENDS NEW SIAR RISES IN THE EAST | LEADERS TELL NATION OF TASKS CONSTITUENT ASSEMBLY TAKES OVER MOUNTBATTEN'S APPOINTMENT AS AHEAD wae, vital feee GOVERNOR-GENERAL ENDORSED COLOURFUL CEREMONY MARKS BIRTH OF NATION NEW DEL Thurday-M midnight tonight the Constituent A write aut aitAttlee's Greetings To Nehnu su wkng hmbien te aly opGovernors Sworn InEE serve India nd her India discsers herself again, sald Pandit Nehru in calling upon the em e We end today a perind of all fortune and

  4. After the representatives of the Indian National Congress, the Muslim League and the Sikh community came to an agreement with Lord Mountbattern A legislation was formed by the government of then British Prime Minister Clement Attlee which came to be known as the Mountbatten plan

  5. June 3 Plan or the Mountbatten Plan The 3 June Plan, also known as the Mountbatten plan, declared that the partition of India was accepted by the British Government, successor governments would get a dominion status and an absolute right to withdraw from the British Commonwealth The India Independence Act of 1947 was an implementation of the 3 June Plan.

  6. CARPETS BOMBAY:FRIDAY, AUGUST 15, 197 PRICE TWO ANNASAT BIRTH OF INDIA'S FREEDOM NATION WAKES TO STATE VISIT TO KARACHI FRENZIED ENTHUSIASM NEW LIFE IN BOMBAY Crowds In Festive Mood Mr. Nehru Calls For Big Effort From People THE natinal hleowr the Tarek Bombay retariat at midaght when the citisena with solemn ilalete"MAY BOMBAY dGovernor's Message vocation and frenaled rejlclng Citia of free Indiayou "INCESSANT STRIVING TASK OF FUTURE" c PROSPER" Assembly Members Take Solemn Pledge FREE INDIA NEW CABINET WILD SCENES OF JUBILATION OF INDIA The Act's most important provisions were that British India would be divided into two completely sovereign dominions of Pakistan and India and would come into effect from August 15th 1947.

  7. AIR Pandit Jawaharlal Nehru became the first Prime Minister of Independent India and Sardar Vallabhbhai Patel the Home Minister and over 560 princely states agreed to join India. HR

  8. Across the border, Muhammad Ali Jinnah became the Governor General of the new nation of Pakistan and Liaquat Ali Khan became the first Prime Minister

  9. The Independence of India was followed by Partition which is one of the most tragic events in the Indian subcontinent in recent history.