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The Battle of Plassey
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In this Bytes video learn about what happened in the Battle of Plassey which took place today - 23rd June 1757

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sir what is the difference between an illegal migrant and a refugee? anyone please!!
Aneesh Menon
2 years ago
There is not much difference between the two.It is just a difference of being legal and illegal.Migrants are the one's who consciously choose to move to another country(legally).Refugees are forced to leave due to persecution,floods or natural disasters.But,they have to apply for asylum in another(which may take years) and if granted then they can move out to that country which is giving them asylum,which is again a legal process.Illegal migrants are the ones who move out of a country without getting any permit,passport and without the consent of the government of the country where they seek to go.
Aditya Sahu
2 years ago
thank you sir!
mam plz hindi me bhi video provide kar do
the clear cut concept of national park , biosphere reserves, wildlife sanctuary discussing basic difference between them.
the clear cut concept of national park , biosphere reserves, wildlife sanctuary discussing basic difference between them.

  1. Fort St. George in Madras, Fort William in Calcutta, Bombay Castle in western India.

  2. tl The British adopted a policy of allying themselves with various princes and Nawabs, promising security against usurpers and rebels.

  3. Chandernagore in West Bengal Pondicherry on Carnatic coast COLCHIN NARORA OLDEDIN GANGE FLEWy doch LAN GENERAL The French had also established an East India Company under Louis XIV and had two important stations in India

  4. The Battle of Plassey 23rd June, 1757

  5. The battle took place at Plassey on the banks of the Bhagirathi River, about 150 kilometres (93 mi) north of Calcutta and south of Murshidabad

  6. Nawab Siraj-ud-daulah the last independent Nawab of Bengal, and the British East India Company.

  7. The battle was preceded by the attack on British-controlled Calcutta by Nawab Siraj- ud-daulah and the Black Hole massacre.

  8. The British sent reinforcements under Colonel Robert Clive and Admiral Charles Watson from Madras to Bengal and recaptured Calcutta. Colonel Robert Clive Admiral Charles Watson

  9. The battle was waged during the Seven Year's War (1756-1763), and, in a mirror of their European rivalry, the French East India Company sent a small contingent to fight against the British.

  10. Battle of Plassey