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Life of Aryans people in Vedic Age.
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In this video learn about the life of Aryan people in the Vedic age of India. Also learn about where their original home was and how they spread to various places.

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  1. The descendants of the ancient Aryan race spread over wide areas of Europe and As

  2. FINLAND Guif of Tampere NORWAY Whereas some European scholars believe that the Aryans originally lived on the shores of the far-away Baltic Sea. SWEDEN of Finland Talinn ESTONIA RUSSIA LATVIA th DENMARK Baltic Sea LITHUANIA RUSSIAKaua Rostock Minsk Hrodha BELARUS POLAND Berlin Brest GERMANY Povel UKRAINE

  3. Going south and westward they divided themselves into several branches and entered into Greece, Italy, Germany, France, Spain and England.

  4. Y. A ASERB. BAKU TURKMENISTAN USB TURKEY Tabriz CASPIAN SEA ASHGABAT Ardabil Lake Urmi Rasht Sabzevar SYRIA Karaj TEHRAN Mahhad Kermanshah AFGHANISTAN BAGHDAD I RA Q IsfahanOYazd Ahvaz O Kerman Zahedan The name Iran (Persia) comes from the word Aryanam which means the country of the Aryans. PAKISTAN Abbas

  5. When Aryans exactly came to India is still a subject of debate. Attempts have been made to know about that time from the Vedic literature.

  6. Gandhar Madr Co ut humna Kurtu Panchala Matsya During early Vedic period, families of the Aryans were patriarchal in character auna Kunti Kosala Videha aushika Shaphala Banas Jayminiya

  7. Reference in Rig-Veda shows, that agriculture was the principal occupation of the people The Aryan Society was divided into four Varnas on the basis of duties.