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What are Earth Spheres?
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In this bytes lesson learn about Earth Spheres, the various types, and a little more in detail about them. For hindi click here:

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  1. Earth Spheres

  2. Lithosphere solid earth Atmosphere gases (the air) Hydrosphere - all water Biosphere all life Img source: BioNinja

  3. The Lithosphere Crust It contains all of the Crust cold, hard solid land of Mantle 100 kim Outer Core 670 km the planet's crust and the semi-solid land underneath the crust - the mantle, along with the liquid land near the center of the earth. Inner Core 2900 km Outer Core 5150 km Inner Core 6371 km

  4. The Hydrosphere 0 This might be in solid, liquid, or gaseous form. The hydrosphere extends from the Earth's surface downwards several kilometers into the lithosphere and upwards about 12 kilometers into the atmosphere.

  5. The Biosphere The biosphere consists of all the living organisms on the earth including microorganisms, plants, and animals of Earth. Within the biosphere, l ving things form ecological communities based on the physical surroundings of an area called biomes

  6. 700+ KM (500+ XOSPHERE 700 KM (435 Mi) RMOSPHERE 85 KM (53 49 KM (30 ESOSPHERE TOSPHERE 12 KM (7 OSPHERE