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What is the EU?
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In this Bytes lesson get to know about what the European Union is and how it works.

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Thanku so much for making these lessons. can u please do videos on NATO and BREXIT
could you please make one on soviet union as well.. as to what it was, how many countries were a part of union n also how did it demolish ??
could you add a detailed lesson on the Brexit issue it's implications and affect on the EU and rest of the world
Interesting topic! Kindly cover part 2 of EU. Excited to know more about them. Like Brexit etc.
knowledge cloud videos thanks but plez make a video on CANCER AND TOUMER
  1. European Union

  2. European Union country HR: ES: RO: CZ: 28 countries Spain Czech Republic weden IE: BG: MT: BE: Finland Malta HU: NL: AT: IT: The Netherlands Italy LV: SE: FR: PL: Poland Germany Latvia France Caech Republic France PT: UK: CY: DE: Romania Italy United Kingdom Cyprus Portugal Spain Bulgaria LU Slovenia Estonia LT: DK: SK: EL:

  3. | 888088 enin The EU has aimed at ensuring the free movement of people, goods 8& i/ services along with capital within the internal market. 0ox32 12 100 1,10000 00010111 The EU also enacts legislations in justice and home affairs and o development. 1 00110000 0 maintains common policies on trade, agriculture, fisheries and regional o: / j TE , 1 The EU was responsible for the abolition of passport controls for travel % 01 10 11 01 10( within the Schengen Area 0111210 1 oo1oo1 011011 100111 100010 11011 101110% 91100 0 sss monetary union was established in 1999 and came into llSS 2002 and is composed of19. EU member states which use the Euro sssss 0 0203 1 01 10010 01 Currency thus removing the different currencies that w re in place ZZOO111 1ooeonu boo 1oearier. 004 10 1110111 01001102 00110011 00100011 10100100 10 O001O 1010oo 1010101o o 0001 1103 01000001 10101110 01010110 10010122 00000010 0001000 00011010 11110010 00101110 00010 Z1010110 0oo101O1 10 0001 1011101at s 111010 10101111 01011001 101101i 1000001 11011110 11000011 00100011 111 1111010 10001100 1100110 0100 01000000 00101 00101 01100000

  4. The EU originated in the European Coal and Steel Community (ECSC) and the European Economic Community (EEC)

  5. The original members of what came to be known as the European Communities and the Inner Six were: 1957 Belgium France Italy Luxembourg The Netherlands West Germany.

  6. Brexit The United Kingdom shook the world withdrawal from the EU in June 2016. when they announced their

  7. Various organs of the EU

  8. The European Council The Court of Justice Sets the General Political directions and Priorities of the Union Ensures the uniform application of EU law and resolves disputes between EU institutions and member states the European Commission Directs the Commission's permanent civil service. The European Central Bank responsible for monetary stability within member states. The Council of the European Union Amends, approves or rejects proposed legislation from the Commission. The European Court of Auditors Investigates the proper management of finances within both the EU entities and EU funding provided to its member states. The European Parliament It shares with the Council of the EU equal legislative powers to amend, approve or reject Commission proposals for most areas of EU legislation.

  9. Governing Treaties of the EU

  10. Dunkirk Treaty Brussels Treaty Paris Treaty Modified Brussels Treaty Rome Treaty & EURATOM Merger Treaty Council Agreement on TREVI Single European Act Schengen Treaty & Convention Maastricht Treaty (TEU) Amsterdam Treaty Nice Treaty Lisbon Treaty